Delivery/Refund Policy
Registration into events and programs are performed instantly upon the completion of your registration forms and payment. Zone4 will confirm your completed registration by e-mail and your information will be logged and instantly available to the host club. The host club is responsible for any futher follow-up or actions such as program communication. Any related products, programs, or services requiring delivery will be handled by the host clubs. Clubs are required to specify a refund policy for each registration form and this is available on both the Checkout page and the registration confirmation email your receive upon checkout. Some race registrations specify "No Refunds" because the costs to the club are the same regardless of whether and other reasons for cancellation. Club memberships and program registrations may allow partial refunds depending on when the request is made. For all program and refund enquiries please contact the host club. Club contact information can be found in the upper left corner of every registration page as well as on registration receipts.

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