WinSport Frozen Thunder Classic, presented by BuffUpdated: 755 days ago.
Female1.5 km. Finish
1103Perianne Jones04:15.88
2101Chandra Crawford04:19.23
3104Alysson Marshall04:22.14
4105Ida Sargent04:24.71
5108Elizabeth Stephen04:25.15
6109Esther Bottomley04:27.52
7102Jessica Diggins04:28.97
8107Heidi Widmer04:30.91
9123Sophie Caldwell04:31.08
10118Dahria Beatty04:33.58
11106Andrea Dupont04:33.67
12110Marlis Kromm04:33.79
13126Annie Hart04:37.57
14125Chelsea Holmes04:39.37
15127Brittany Webster04:41.10
16115Amanda Ammar04:43.72
17128Erika Flowers04:43.93
18124Caitlin Patterson04:44.08
19119Annika Hicks04:44.32
20113Erin Tribe04:47.33
21117Andrea Lee04:48.99
22121Alannah MacLean04:49.18
23120Zoe Roy04:49.36
24129Julia Ransom04:53.74
25130Brittany Evans05:11.10

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