Haywood NorAm WJ/U23Trials OCup#1 Official ResultsUpdated: 2601 days ago.
Midget Boys5.3 km. Start
OrderBibNameCategoryClubAssigned StartActual Start
1312    Max HollmannMidget BoysLappe13:17:30.013:17:28.6
2313    Aidan JohnstonMidget BoysBig Thunder13:18:00.013:17:58.3
3314    Aidan CarrMidget BoysBig Thunder13:18:30.013:18:29.1
4315    Aleksi LuomaMidget BoysBig Thunder13:19:00.013:19:00.5
5316    Niklas HarkonenMidget BoysLappe13:19:30.013:19:28.1
6317    Erik PentonMidget BoysRed River13:20:00.013:20:00.0
7318    Alexander RandallMidget BoysBig Thunder13:20:30.013:20:27.9
8319    Nicholas RandallMidget BoysBig Thunder13:21:00.013:20:58.2
9320    Simon GiassonMidget BoysRed River13:21:30.013:21:28.1
10321    Lucas SmithMidget BoysRed River13:22:00.013:21:58.2
11322    Travis HallsMidget BoysLappe13:22:30.013:22:28.2
12323    Cam RoeMidget BoysRed River13:23:00.013:22:59.1
13324    Erik SchlyterMidget BoysBig Thunder13:23:30.013:23:27.7
14326    Matteo ReichMidget BoysSoo Finnish13:24:30.013:24:28.0
15327    Sebastien GingrasMidget BoysSoo Finnish13:25:00.013:24:57.5
16328    Danny TindallMidget BoysLaurentian13:25:30.013:25:27.8
17329    Conor McGovernMidget BoysRed River13:26:00.013:25:59.2
18330    Anton DemetrakopoulosMidget BoysBig Thunder13:26:30.013:26:28.8
19331    Frederick SerratoreMidget BoysBig Thunder13:27:00.013:26:58.0
20332    Kai MeekisMidget BoysBig Thunder13:27:30.013:27:28.3
21333    Martti MuzykaMidget BoysBig Thunder13:28:00.013:27:58.2
22334    Emile HammMidget BoysBig Thunder13:28:30.013:28:28.0

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