Haywood NorAm WJ/U23Trials OCup#1 Official ResultsUpdated: 2601 days ago.
Midget Girls3.9 km. Start
OrderBibNameCategoryClubAssigned StartActual Start
1335    Milla TarnopolskyMidget GirlsHighland Trailblazer13:37:00.013:37:00.0
2336    Ashley HortisMidget GirlsLappe13:37:30.013:37:31.1
3338    Charlotte JohnstonMidget GirlsBig Thunder13:38:30.013:38:27.9
4339    Mhari AnthonyMidget GirlsRed River13:39:00.013:38:58.7
5340    Alexandra WoodMidget GirlsBig Thunder13:39:30.013:39:28.9
6341    Emma HansenMidget GirlsBig Thunder13:40:00.013:39:58.3
7342    Paetra AdamsonMidget GirlsRed River13:40:30.013:40:28.6
8343    Shilo RousseauMidget GirlsSoo Finnish13:41:00.013:40:57.9
9344    Cara PekosMidget GirlsTeam Hardwood13:41:30.013:41:28.2
10345    Hannah Story-KormanMidget GirlsTemiskaming13:42:00.013:41:58.4
11347    Jena AshleyMidget GirlsTemiskaming13:43:00.013:42:57.8
12348    Heidi StewartMidget GirlsBig Thunder13:43:30.013:43:27.8
13349    Tessa SchwarMidget GirlsLappe13:44:00.013:43:57.9

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