Haywood NorAm WJ/U23Trials OCup#1 Official ResultsUpdated: 2601 days ago.
Juvenile Boys5.1 km. Finish
1283    Levi NadlersmithJuvenile Boys (1/19)Downtown Nordic14:15.2
2289    Maks ZechelJuvenile Boys (2/19)Nakkertok-ON14:27.2
3290    Nicholas EkJuvenile Boys (3/19)Big Thunder14:43.7
4291    Ryan JacksonJuvenile Boys (4/19)Team Hardwood14:48.7
5275    Austin ValjasJuvenile Boys (5/19)Team Hardwood14:50.6
6277    Kyle ReinhardtJuvenile Boys (6/19)WCCFC15:08.7
7273    Toby QuinnJuvenile Boys (7/19)Big Thunder15:15.6
8288    Olivier PalkovitsJuvenile Boys (8/19)Laurentian15:18.2
9274    Ryan PendziwolJuvenile Boys (9/19)Big Thunder15:18.6
10286    Kieran TomlinsonJuvenile Boys (10/19)Nakkertok-ON15:27.5
11276    Carl GrinJuvenile Boys (11/19)Team Hardwood15:39.6
12285    Patrick MarshallJuvenile Boys (12/19)Nakkertok-ON15:41.3
13279    Nicholas TailleferJuvenile Boys (13/19)Laurentian15:56.2
14278    Mikell Blain-RogersJuvenile Boys (14/19)North Bay16:15.9
15282    Jacob HansonJuvenile Boys (15/19)WCCFC16:30.6
16281    Levi WarkentineJuvenile Boys (16/19)Boundary Trails16:33.8
17280    Samuel AnthonyJuvenile Boys (17/19)Red River16:41.7
18284    Leo DubeJuvenile Boys (18/19)Big Thunder16:53.6
19287    Antony GunkaJuvenile Boys (19/19)Big Thunder17:02.5

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