2017 Calforex Cup #2 Sunday AB Pursuit AMUpdated: 517 days ago.
Youth Men10 km. Start
OrderBibNameClubPPSSTAssigned StartActual Start
149    Michael PULLISHYFoothills Nordic2124912:05:00.012:05:00.0
250    Jerome GOBEILCalgary Biathlon Racers0021312:05:05.012:05:05.0
351    Michio GREENBiathlon Saskatchewan13251112:05:10.012:05:10.0
452    Wynn LINKLATEREdmonton Nordic2031612:05:15.012:05:15.0
553    Will NEUHAUSCanmore Nordic2331912:05:20.012:05:20.0
654    Nolan ROYERBiathlon Saskatchewan24321112:05:25.012:05:25.0
755    Nathan KUNTZBiathlon Saskatchewan21341012:05:30.012:05:30.0
856    Liam ADELBiathlon Yukon33221012:05:35.012:05:35.0
957    Francis REIDBiathlon Yukon0013412:05:40.012:05:40.0
1058    Ian MITCHELLRed River Nordic2132812:05:45.012:05:45.0

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