2017 Calforex Cup #2 Sunday AB Pursuit AMUpdated: 514 days ago.
Youth Women7.5 km. Start
OrderBibNameClubPPSSTAssigned StartActual Start
127    Gabrielle HAWKINSCanmore Nordic2322911:48:00.011:48:00.0
228    Ashley DEUCHARFoothills Nordic3050811:48:05.011:48:05.0
329    Hanne STADNYKBiathlon Saskatchewan22331011:48:10.011:48:10.0
430    Calista BURKECanmore nordic1210411:48:15.011:48:15.0
531    Chloe BARGENBiathlon Saskatchewan2123811:48:20.011:48:20.0
632    Heather GILLESPIEBiathlon Saskatchewan1123711:48:25.011:48:25.0

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