2017 Calforex Cup #2 Sunday AB Pursuit AMUpdated: 517 days ago.
Masters Men7.5 km. Start
OrderBibNameClubPPSSTAssigned StartActual Start
133    Farley KLOTZFoothills Nordic0212511:48:30.011:48:30.0
234    Brian BORGLUMFoothills Nordic2124911:48:35.011:48:35.0
335    Andrei PETROVEdmonton Nordic1042711:48:40.011:48:40.0
436    Bruce STEPHENFoothills Nordic55451911:48:45.011:48:45.0
537    Ryan TEWHinton Biathlon3032811:48:50.011:48:50.0
638    Chester DREIMANColorado Biathlon Club2222811:48:55.011:48:55.0
739    Jeannot DESAULNIERSHinton Biathlon41421111:49:00.011:49:00.0
840    Douglas FOREREdmonton Nordic23431211:49:05.011:49:05.0
941    Mark KUDRYKFast and Fossil53321311:49:10.011:49:10.0
1042    Raymond VIVANCOEdmonton Nordic32241111:49:15.011:49:15.0
1144    Andrew SKARSGARDFoothills Nordic4251511:49:25.011:49:25.0

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