2017 Calforex Cup #2 Sunday AB Pursuit AMUpdated: 517 days ago.
Senior Boys6.25 km. Finish
160    Jake DRAPERBiathlon Yukon0122522:07.9
262    Cory ROGANSFoothills Nordic3022722:26.9
364    Logan PLETZBiathlon Saskatchewan2213822:44.1
461    Finn BERGCalgary Biathlon Racers2103622:59.1
566    Reid LOVSTROMFoothills Nordic2142923:38.1
663    Logan LUMBYFoothills Nordic13331023:56.5
771    Aron BARGENBiathlon Saskatchewan0230524:05.6
867    Xavier CHAMPAGNECalgary Biathlon Racers1113624:19.5
968    Brett DOWNBiathlon Saskatchewan2232924:28.5
1069    Devin SAUNDERSCamrose Vikings1331825:47.3
1173    Lance HOLLANDCanmore Nordic1232826:25.0
1278    Callum LINKLATEREdmonton Nordic3022726:30.6
1365    Joseph MILLSFoothills Nordic3212826:34.8
1470    Simon GAUTHIERFoothills Nordic14441327:07.4
1577    Tynan THOROGOODCalgary Biathlon Racers0342927:36.1
1676    Sam MALKINSONFoothills Nordic23321028:52.6
1774    Kieran KELLYCalgary Biathlon Racers33431328:54.2
1875    Gareth EYREFoothills Nordic33341329:18.7
1972    Garrett ROMANZINCalgary Biathlon Racers23341230:19.9
2080    Aidan ADELBiathlon Yukon42241230:48.6
2179    Cameron MERKOWSKYSaskatoon Nordic2232930:59.6
2282    Will GROENEVELDCalgary Biathlon Racers15531431:25.7
2383    Brady WINDSORBiathlon Saskatchewan32331132:33.6
2484    Jesse EHMANBiathlon Saskatchewan122938:05.8

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