2017 Calforex Cup #2 Sunday PMUpdated: 517 days ago.
Dev 2 - Boys3.75 km. Start
OrderBibNameClubPPTAssigned StartActual Start
154    Eric KANIACanmore Nordic21314:42:00.014:42:00.0
255    Matthew GILLETTCanmore Nordic12314:42:05.014:42:05.0
356    Aidan HUPEBiathlon Yukon21314:42:10.014:42:10.0
457    Oliver BRINDLEFoothills Nordic23514:42:15.014:42:15.0
558    Graeme COLEFoothills Nordic23514:42:20.014:42:20.0
659    Noah CRAMERFoothills Nordic42614:42:25.014:42:25.0
760    Sam MOSESFoothills Nordic40414:42:30.014:42:30.0
861    Findlay EYREFoothills Nordic21314:42:35.014:42:35.0
962    Derek ZAPLOTINSKYEdmonton Nordic23514:42:40.014:42:40.0
1063    Noah HOLASHFoothills Nordic54914:42:45.014:42:45.0
1164    Ethan CAMPBELLBiathlon Saskatchewan42614:42:50.014:42:50.0
1265    Tryton BAIERDevon Nordic Bears10114:42:55.014:42:55.0
1366    Matthew ROBINSONBiathlon Saskatchewan25714:43:00.014:43:00.0

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