2017 Calforex Cup #2 Sunday PMUpdated: 517 days ago.
Dev 1 - Boys3 km. Finish
115    Henrik QUINTILIOCrazy Mare Ranch Biathlon10113:52.1
220    Aidan LATIMERFoothills Nordic11215:11.1
314    Lance SEKORADevon Nordic Bears31415:28.7
413    Ronan TEWHinton Biathlon33615:30.8
518    François GAUTHIERFoothills Nordic44815:34.9
622    Bjorn BAERGENCanmore Nordic20215:38.8
716    Avry NIVENCamrose Vikings23515:47.9
812    Marcus SKARSGARDFoothills Nordic41515:54.7
924    Callum CROSSCanmore Nordic12315:58.0
1017    Alex ROGANSFoothills Nordic40415:58.7
1123    Felix CLEMENTCanmore Nordic42617:10.7
1228    Euan MCCORKINDALEFoothills Nordic33617:27.4
1319    Theo FRADETTEFoothills Nordic53818:36.9
1421    Samuel BOSSÉEdmonton Nordic34719:23.1
1525    Willem DEJONGFoothills Nordic43720:22.3

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