2017 Maritime Marathon NordicUpdated: 478 days ago.
42 kmStart
OrderBibNameClubAssigned StartActual Start
1439    Andrew BuzzellCodiac Ski Club00:00.0000:00.00
2441    lorenzo cateriniCCNB Not Affiliated00:00.0000:00.00
3442    Wade MinakerCodiac Ski Club00:00.0000:00.00
4443    Robert LangErbs Cove Ski Club00:00.0000:00.00
5444    Kevin HeppellLes Aventuriers00:00.0000:00.00
6445    Félix Guay-VachonCCNB Not Affiliated00:00.0000:00.00
7447    Krzysztof WierzchoslawskiMiramichi00:00.0000:00.00
8448    alain caronLes Aventuriers00:00.0000:00.00
9449    Bernard CaronMiramichi00:00.0000:00.00
10452    Remi FrenetteOurs des Neiges00:00.0000:00.00
11453    Karin AurellTantramar Outdoor Club00:00.0000:00.00
12454    Katz DuffyTantramar Outdoor club00:00.0000:00.00
13456    Robert BurseyLes Aventuriers00:00.0000:00.00
14458    Gervais Simard00:00.0000:00.00
15467    Mark CampbellMartock Nordic00:00.0000:00.00

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