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6 Hours of Gibraltar

Date: Jul 15, 2017
Team Statistics
Location: Gibraltar Ontario
Timing by HIghlands Trailblazers

Race Info
Start Time 10:00:00 
Start time on clock 0:00:00.0 
Start Type Le Mans Start 
Obs. Time:
Air Temp: Weather:

Royal LePage Norther StatsCorporate Team
RnkTeamLast LapAvg LapFastest LapLapsLast TimeKMSpeed
4Royal LePage Norther0:28:560:28:030:24:42136:04:497812.83
Lap Information
16705Marie-Eve Dolan0:28:160:28:16
26703Paul Casey0:58:530:30:36
36701Doug Linton1:26:110:27:18
46707Royal-Lepage Rider71:51:200:25:08
56706Royal-Lepage Rider62:17:460:26:25
66704Josh Dolan2:46:530:29:07
76708Royal-Lepage Rider83:18:250:31:32
86705Marie-Eve Dolan3:45:500:27:25
96703Paul Casey4:16:330:30:43
106701Doug Linton4:44:070:27:33
116707Royal-Lepage Rider75:08:490:24:42
126706Royal-Lepage Rider65:35:520:27:03
136704Josh Dolan6:04:490:28:56

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