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Test of Humanity

Date: Sep 16, 2018
Team Statistics
Location: Summerland
Host Club: 

Technical Delegate:  
Chief of Competition:  
Chief of Course: Nic and Shei Seaton 
Obs. Time:
Wind Vel:  Wind Dir:
Air Temp: Snow Temp:
Weather: Snow Cond:

Jake Ulansky StatsBoys (7-10)
RnkTeamLast LapAvg LapFastest LapLapsLast TimeKMSpeed
4Jake Ulansky0:03:350:07:300:03:23162:00:04167.99
Lap Information
13Jake Ulansky1:04:331:04:33
23Jake Ulansky1:08:080:03:35
33Jake Ulansky1:11:370:03:29
43Jake Ulansky1:15:110:03:33
53Jake Ulansky1:18:550:03:44
63Jake Ulansky1:22:230:03:28
73Jake Ulansky1:25:460:03:23
83Jake Ulansky1:29:200:03:34
93Jake Ulansky1:33:350:04:14
103Jake Ulansky1:36:580:03:23
113Jake Ulansky1:41:100:04:11
123Jake Ulansky1:44:590:03:49
133Jake Ulansky1:48:460:03:46
143Jake Ulansky1:52:190:03:32
153Jake Ulansky1:56:290:04:09
163Jake Ulansky2:00:040:03:35

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