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Midland Loppet @Highlands Nordic

Date: Jan 6, 2019
Location: Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON
Host Club: Midland Ski Club

Convenor  Thomas Wood 
Chief of Competition:  Richard Lemoine 
Race Secretary  Debra Friendly 
First Start  10:00 a.m. 
Obs. Time: 10:00
Wind Vel:  10-15KPH Wind Dir: NW 
Air Temp: -3C Snow Temp: -2C
Weather: Overcast / snow Snow Cond: Mach Groom

15 km Skate 15 km. Free Mass Start  2 laps of Red Race Course  
Bib Name ccc_club
1 Jane Ravenshaw Team Hardwood
2 Mark Berger Team Hardwood
3 Philip Hastings Team Hardwood
4 Glenn Edwards Mono Nordic
5 Richard Thomas Team Hardwood
6 Mark Brown No Club
7 Daniel Bertini Team Hardwood
8 Joe Hutton Wildwood
9 Owen Gray Highlands Nordic
10 David White Bruce Ski Club
12 Ray Ryan Team Hardwood
13 Keith MacKinnon Team Hardwood
43 Shawn Marshall Team Hardwood

15 km Classic 15 km. Classic Mass Start  2 laps of Red Race Course  
Bib Name ccc_club
21 Mariah Hudec University of Guelph
22 Madeline Aarts No Club
23 Katja Zbogar University of Guelph
24 Jasmin Tuhkasaari University of Guelph
25 Matt Underwood University of Guelph
26 Nathan Johnstone Arrowhead Nordic
27 Robert Simpson-Spook Barrie Cross Country
28 CHRISTINE HUET Highlands Trailblazers
29 Jess SLOSS Waterloo Region
30 Jason Vurma No Club
31 Susan Kaczmarek No Club
32 Tracy Marshall No Club
34 Keith Mercer Team Hardwood
35 Stan Kaczmarek No Club
36 Mike Huet Highlands Trailblazers
37 Ron Mahler No Club
38 Glenn Meeuwisse Team Hardwood
39 Bryan Dubeau No Club
40 Peter Wiltmann Georgian Nordic
41 Matthew Nelson Georgian Bay Nordic
42 Glenn Orton No Club
44 Tom Lobsinger Team Hardwood
45 Carl Michener Highlands Trailblazers
46 Harry Vanderlugt Team Hardwood
47 Allison Caswell Walden Nordic
48 Miriam Lutes University of Guelph
49 Graham Daly University of Guelph
50 Declan Barber University of Guelph

9 km Classic 9 km. Classic  2 laps of Blue Race Course  
Bib Name ccc_club
61 Lily Wortley Highlands Trailblazers
63 Lila Yuhasz-Bell Georgian Bay Nordic
64 Michael Anderson Georgian Nordic
65 Reid Locking Georgian Bay Nordic
66 Quin Czerny Highlands Trailblazers
62 Kate Redmond Georgian Nordic

9 km Skate 9 km. Free  2 laps of Blue Race Course  
Bib Name ccc_club
67 Carter Meeuwisse Special Olympics
68 George  Condy Bruce Ski Club

Results are posted through an automated system by licenced clubs. For inquires about result corrections please contact the race organizer.

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