Soo Finnish Nordic Freestyle Timetrial |

Soo Finnish Nordic Freestyle Timetrial

Date: Feb 16, 2019
Category Listing
Location: Hiawatha Highlands
Host Club: Soo Finnish Nordic

Technical Delegate:  
Chief of Competition:  
Chief of Course:  
Obs. Time:
Wind Vel:  Wind Dir:
Air Temp: Snow Temp:
Weather: Snow Cond:

Race Categories
Special OlympicsStartList
Junior Bunny AStartList
Junior Bunny BStartList
Senior Bunny AStartList
Senior Bunny BStartList
Level 1AStartList
Level 1BStartList
Level 1CStartList
Level 1DStartList
Level 2AStartList
Level 2BStartList
Ski Team - SeniorStartList
Ski Team - JuniorStartList
Open CategoryStartList
Level 3AStartList
Level 3BStartList
Level 4AStartList
Level 4BStartList
Track AttackStartList
Racing RabbitsStartList
Special Olympics - 4k MaleResults
Special Olympics - 4k FemaleResults
Special Olympics - 2k MaleResults
Special Olympics - 0.5k FemaleResults
Junior Bunny A - BoysResults
Junior Bunny A - GirlsResults
Junior Bunny B - BoysResults
Junior Bunny B - GirlsResults
Senior Bunny A - BoysResults
Senior Bunny A - GirlsResults
Senior Bunny B - BoysResults
Senior Bunny B - GirlsResults
Level 1A - BoysResults
Level 1A - GirlsResults
Level 1B - BoysResults
Level 1B - GirlsResults
Level 1C - BoysResults
Level 1C - GirlsResults
Level 1D - BoysResults
Level 1D - GirlsResults
Level 2A - BoysResults
Level 2A - GirlsResults
Level 2B - BoysResults
Level 2B - GirlsResults
Ski Team - Senior MaleResults
Ski Team - Junior MaleResults
Ski Team - Junior FemaleResults
Open Male 6 KResults
Open Female 6 KResults
Open Male 4 KResults
Open Female 4 KResults
Open Male 2 KResults
Open Female 2 KResults
Level 3A - BoysResults
Level 3A - GirlsResults
Level 3B - BoysResults
Level 3B - GirlsResults
Level 4A - BoysResults
Level 4A - GirlsResults
Level 4B - BoysResults
Track Attack - BoysResults
Track Attack - GirlsResults
Racing Rabbits - BoysResults
Racing Rabbits - GirlsResults
All CategoriesResultsStartList

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