Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country ski races come in all shapes and sizes, and Zone4 has solutions to help you time all of them. In fact, cross-country skiing is where we got our start, it's near and dear to our hearts. Check out the many ways that the Zone4 Platform supports cross-country ski racing.

Software Features

  • Live results, startlists and event pages
  • Results analysis capabilities for coaches and fans
  • Announcer tools and TV display support
  • Live racer tracking and photography integration
  • Race templates that make setup a breeze for the most popular race formats
  • Support for many timing inputs:
    • RapidCam Photo-Finish Camera
    • Zone4 GoChip System
    • PhotoCell
    • Individual Start Wand
    • Web Keypad (on your tablet or phone)
    • Summit

Supported Ski Race Formats

  • Mass Start, Loppet, Ski Marathons
  • Interval Start
  • Sprint
  • Pursuit
  • Mini Tour

Cross-Country Ski Timing Setup

This a typical cross-country ski race setup. The timing points include a start, a finish and optional on-course timing points.

Do you have timed sections on your course such as King/Queen of the Hill? Interested in analyzing racer performance?

On-course timing points are ideal for timing and analyzing racer performance on specific sections of the course. If you're curious where racers gain or lose time, on-course timing points let you see exactly what's happening anywhere on the course.

What Timing Equipment Do I Need?

In order to help you understand what timing equipment is ideal for your race, it is helpful to classify events. Use the table below to determine which event class is most similar to your event, then use the subsequent diagrams to help you determine your start and finish line timing equipment needs.


  • Sanctioned by the national sport governing body
  • Targets national level athletes and competitive skiers
  • Often a qualifier for international events
  • 300-800 racers
  • National Championships
  • NorAm Series


  • Sanctioned by the provincial sport governing body
  • Targets provincial level, club level, and recreational athletes
  • Often a qualifier for a provincial team
  • 100-400 racers
  • Provincial/State Level Races
  • Provincial/State Level Championships


  • Typically unsanctioned
  • Targets local racers and recreational athletes
  • Usually a fun consequence-free race
  • Often a limited set of categories
  • < 150 racers
  • Regional Racers
  • Weekly Club Races


  • Typically sanctioned by the provincial sport governing body
  • Targets citizen racers
  • Cash or equivalent prizes may be offered
  • 100-1000+ racers
  • Loppets
  • Ski Marathons

Start Area Setup

Finish Area Setup