How much does Online Registration Cost?

Zone4 has two separate registration systems with slightly different processing fee structures, but the overall idea is the same.  There are no setup, annual, or per-event fees for clubs.  The only fee is the registration processing charge added to each online registration which is based on a registrant per-person/transaction model.  There is both a per-person and percentage component to the fee structure and the processing fee is rounded to the nearest dollar to keep it simple and tidy.

Zone4 Race Timing Program and Race Registration System
For those clubs using the Zone4 Race Management program to setup race registrations, the online processing fee is $2 per person + 3% of the total fee. The processing fee is rounded to the nearest dollar. You can elect to either have the registrant pay this fee, or include it in your race fees and cover the cost yourselves.

Zone4 Club Registration System
The goal with the Club Registration system was to allow clubs to use it for as many registration needs as possible so the Zone4 processing fees are as low as possible.  The first person added to each registration cart is $2 with $1 added for each additional person in that cart.  This is less than the standard $2 per person fee for race registrations run using the Zone4 Race Management program.  If the person is paying by credit card, the standard 3% of total fees is added in order to cover the VISA and MasterCard processing charges.  If you have enabled the optional Cash/Cheque payment option, registrants selecting that option avoid the 3% portion of the fee. If you are running a "No fee registrations" where no fees are being charged to registrants, then Zone4 waives all fees allowing you to have a free registration service for all your small club events where no money collection is required.  Zone4 also waives the processing fee if the club admin entered cash/cheque registrations using the backend interface.  All credit card transactions are processed through Zone4's online payment service and collected funds are remit to each club on a scheduled basis after subtracting any processing fees.

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How much does Online Registration Cost?

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