Go for the chip that doesn't miss.  Go for GoChip

GoChip is highly accurate, ultra-reliable, and can be worn anywhere. It's everything a timing chip could and should be.

GoChip Wearable Timing Chip

Accurate and Reliable

With a comfortable & lightweight neoprene GoChip can be worn anywhere – ankle, wrist, bicycle backpack, or anywhere else you can strap it.

GoChips can record times up to two metres above the activation loop and at speeds up to 160km/h.

GoChip Activator

Weatherproof and Portable

  • Exceptional battery life, can operate all day on a single charge.
  • 1/100th of a second accuracy
  • Sattelite time synchronization

GoChip Android App

  • Thanks to the Zone4 app and GoChip, a network connection is not required at every timing point
  • The Zone4 app is compatible with most Android phones.

How GoChip Works

  1. The GoChip Activator continually brodcasts the current time

    The activator receives the current time from GPS satellites. A wire loop set across the race course and connected to the activator acts as the antenna for communicating with GoChips.

  2. A racer wearing a GoChip crosses the timing loop.

    When the chip is in the middle of the loop, it records the time that loop is broadcasting. High precision sensors in the chip can detect the shape of the wire loop.

  3. The Gochip sends that time to any nearby phones running the GoChip App.

    If there are no phones nearby, it will keep trying for up to 72 hours. GoChip can store up to 30 times before it needs to communicate with the app.

  4. The GoChip app sends all the race times to our website.

    Race results are updated as soon as a time is received. If you don't have an internet connection, the app will store all the times it receives until the connection is restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoChip waterproof?

Yes, GoChips are a completely sealed unit and are suitable for triathlon, stand-up paddleboard, open-water swimming, and any other application where waterproofing is important.

Why don't you just use those disposable chips like they do in running?

Disposable chips are not accurate enough for use above running speed and the readers can be difficult or impossible to install at remote locations.

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Can the Timing Loop be Buried in the Ground

Yes, if you have a fixed stadium then burying the timing loop under dirt or concrete can be a great way to save time.

Can I attach a chip to a Bicycle

We have two types of velcro straps that we use on GoChips, our normal strap has a soft back and is meant for attaching chips to racers' ankles, the other is a shorter strap with a rubberized back that works great for attaching chips to a bike frame or handlebars. When ordering, let us know which type of strap you prefer.

Does GoChip work for motorized sports

Our most common chip is designed for human-powered sports, but a version with ultra-durable casing is available from our partners at Sport-Tag.

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