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Designed to be easy to manage, secure, reliable, and fast, the Zone4 registration system has been built from the ground up with the needs of sport clubs in mind. It is currently used by over 1000 organizations across North America for club membership registration, race registration, general events, clothing orders, fee collection, volunteer tracking, and much more.

Low Processing Fees


Processing Fee


Per Payment


Per Person

When payments processed by Zone4. As low as 2.13% and $0.25 per payment through our payment processing partners. See here for more about merchant accounts.

Flexible Forms

  • Add an unlimited number of fields, content blocks, or fees.
  • Arrange and group fields in any order you want.
  • Set conditions on the display of fields based on registrants previous choices.

Copy & Re-Use Registration Forms

  • Copy and modify any of your previous registration forms.
  • Start from one of hundreds of templates shared by other Zone4 users.
  • Re-use sections of your previous registration forms.

Integrated Email

  • Easily send an email out to everybody who has registered for your event or all club members
  • Or select only a sub-set of registrants to send an email to.
  • Send an email automatically when new registrants sign up.
  • Download a list of email addresses to use with any email service.

Registrant Summaries

  • Important information at your fingertips
    • How many people have signed up in total?
    • How many people have selected each option?
    • How much money have you made?
  • Jump through from the summary to a detailed report for each registration option.

Powerful Reporting Features

  • Group, filter, and sort your registrants by any combination of criteria.
  • Save, export, and share the reports you have created.

Easy for your Registrants

  • No need to create an account or remember passwords.
  • Optional quicklist feature saves registration info for next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can registration forms be bilingual

You can specify an english and french option for every piece of text on a registration form and the correct version will be displayed to registrants based on the language set on their computer.

Can I Publish a Confirmation List

You can publish any number of custom reports on your registrants. Most races usually like to publish a confirmation list so everybody can see who has signed up, but you are not limited to just a confirmation list - you can publish contact lists, specific programs, and more.

Can I put images on my registration form?

Yes, you can add any number of "text block" fields to a registration form. The text block editor allows you to add images as well as tables, lists, links to your website, or other content.

Can I embed the registration form in my website?

For security, embedding a registration form in another website is not allowed. However, if you are using a Helcim merchant account you can replace the Zone4 Header at the top of the registration form with your own branding.

Can I set up early-bird or late registration pricing

For every fee on a Zone4 registration form, you can set three different price levels, and you can set the date when pricing will automatically roll over between price levels.

And of course you can sign in to the admin console and change the price of any option on your registration form at any time.