FIS Homologated Wireless Timer

Homologated to FIS's new 1/10,000 precision requirements, the Summit SRT2000 Timer is the world's best wireless handheld timer for FIS sanctioned races.


  • Record times to 1/10,000 second accuracy from a variety of external inputs.
    • photocells/beams, start wands, plungers, pressure tapes, etc
  • Weatherproof keypad for manual entry of bib sequences
    • incl posted bibs, order-of-finish sequence entry, and biathlon range / shooting data
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Zone4 Timing Software
    More about the Zone4 timing software
  • Long range wireless communication over 900mhz radio to Zone4 ServerBox
    More about the Zone4 Serverbox


  • 1/10,000 (0.0001) accuracy
  • All Day battery life using AA Lithium rechargeable batteries
  • external serial printer compatible (FIS req 2023)
  • FIS homologated to 2037
  • internal memory holds thousands of times

Purchase Wireless SRT2000

$2285 USD $2970 CAD

Zone4 is in the process of manufacturing stock of new SRT2000 units with expected availability in the fall of 2022.

Upgrade SRT1000 to SRT2000

$755 USD $980 CAD

Upgrade SRT500 to SRT2000

$955 USD $1240 CAD

How Upgrade works

Zone4 worked with Summit Systems in Salt Lake City to design and certify the SRT2000 Timer as an upgradable series of components that can be installed in existing SRT Timers. This requires a new CPU, clock, and other components and this work must be performed at Zone4 Canmore headquarters by specially trained technicians. Once the new components and firmware are installed, tuning of the new clocks must be performed over several days to ensure the units pass FIS's strict PPM drift specifications. Overall, the upgrade process should be expected to take about 1 month after the units arrive at Zone4 headquarters. Zone4 currently has a small stock of upgrade kits and will have wide availability in fall of 2022. Please contact us to book your Summits in for upgrades or repair.

How many SRT2000 Timers do I need for FIS races

FIS rules taking effect for the 2022-2023 cross country season detail two approaches to timer setup. For FIS level 0 (Olympics/World Cup) you must run two sets of wires all the way from the start to the finish (or from both start and finish into the timing building) and connect these wires to 2 Summit SRT2000 Timers. One would be the A timer connected to the A port at the start and A photocell at the finish, and the other Summit would be the B timer connected to the B port on the start gate and B photocell. The problem with this approach is running wires is time consuming, and risks a mid-race breakage. This approach also prevents you from doing Post-Plunge workflow at the start as the primary A summit that you would post on is not at the start in this scenario. For Level 1-4 races (Nationals, SuperTour, Continental Cup) FIS allows you to have 2 wireless SRT2000 Timers at the start (one plugged into the A port and the other plugged into the B port on the start wand.) You then would have 2 SRT2000 timers at the finish, one plugged into the A photocell, and the other into the B photocell. This approach eliminates the time and risk of wires and allows standard post+plunge of bibs at the start. Therefor for races in North America, Zone4 recommends clubs deploy 4 wireless SRT2000 timer to meet FIS requirements. Additional timers for backup plunging can be SRT1000 or SRT500.

Repairs and Service?

Zone4 is also developing the ability to repair and service existing summits. Issues that may require repairs include: worn out keypad buttons, damaged input jacks from falls, broken screens from over-pressure/falls, broken battery clips. If sending in units for SRT2000 upgrades, other service may be booked at the same time.