2020 BPMR Virtual Version

Aug 1 – 31, 2020 Earth Event Website Facebook @multisportrace

The Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race Virtual Version (BPMRvv) will accept result submissions from courses attempted during the month of August 2020. All results need to be submitted by midnight on Monday August 31st, 2020.

Register: Anyone submitting results needs to have pre-registered before attempting the challenge at this link.

Cost: Free! However, if you’d like to make a donation to our charity partner Ride Smart by New Hope Community Bikes, click here.

Swag: Still interested in securing a cool piece of swag to represent your participation and support of the event? Check out our "virtually awesome!" logo on Redbubble which can be printed as a sticker, t-shirt, or hoodie and ordered for an additional fee.

Bibs: Interested in printing off your own bib to make you feel like you're actually in a race?! Download our fillable pdf's: Suntrail Course Bib, Subaru Long Course Bib

Choose a Course:

  • Suntrail Course: 4km paddle, 20km bike, 5km run
  • Subaru Long Course: 16km paddle, 55km bike, 20km run

Design your own route: We suggest finding a park with access to water, trails, and/or quiet roads.

Course Rules

  • Courses/Timing must be run continuously from the start of the paddle to the end of the run. Time cannot be stopped for transitioning from one discipline to the next, or for breaks along the course.
  • Each discipline must have a net even, or positive elevation change. i.e. no net downhill runs, or bikes and no down-river only paddles (paddling downriver, then back upstream is okay).
  • 50% of bike and run courses need to be on gravel roads, or trails

Categories/Age Groups recognized for prizing; 1st, 2nd & 3rd for each age group, male & female. In order to maintain physical distancing, the BPMRvv is for soloists only. Age as of Aug. 31, 2020.

  • Suntrail Course: 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
  • Subaru Long Course: 18-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

Prizing. As with the live version of BPMR, we receive tremendous support from our sponsors and they've generously donated a fantastic collection of prizes for the virtual event. We’ll mail all the prizing in the 1st week of September. We’ll also mail draw prizes throughout the month of August and assign unique awards as they arise for categories such as; best finish line picture, most challenging course etc.

Safety Protocols

  • Each participant must inform another adult of their route and plan on the day they attempt the challenge
  • Select a route with good cell phone coverage in order to easily alert friends/family, or EMS in case of emergency
  • It is highly recommended each participant carry a cell phone with full battery in a waterproof case
  • Review the BPMR Mandatory and Recommended Gear Lists and carry what you feel is appropriate for the course being attempted
  • Participants must follow all local laws including those of the Highway Traffic Act and the Safe Boating Guide.

Submit Results Click on one of the "Race Results" sets below and follow the "Upload your results here" link. Have the following details ready:

(Note, we used a triathlon template for the Results, so the “swim” will be your paddle time)

  • Name
  • Email
  • Age (as of Aug. 31st, 2020)
  • City
  • Province/State
  • Country
  • Bib # (the number you assigned yourself when registering)
  • Overall Time for the challenge (hr:min:sec) (mandatory)
  • Time for each leg of challenge (transition area splits can also be entered if known) 
  • Link to GPS file in .gpx format (not mandatory, but encouraged)
  • Picture of your watch/app showing the total distance covered (mandatory if not uploading a GPS file)
  • Pictures of yourself completing/finishing the challenge


1.    Can I submit results more than once during the month of August? Yes, participants are encouraged to attempt either course as many times as they like during the month.

2.    Can I participate on both courses? Of course!

3.    Are there restrictions on the type of watercraft paddled? Since the event is for soloists only, participants must paddle one of the following watercraft: single kayak, surfski, solo canoe, OC1 (outrigger canoe), SUP (stand up paddle board)

4.    I made a mistake entering my results, how can I correct them? Submit your result again with accurate details, then email quepasacanada@gmail.com and ask for the incorrect result submission to be removed.