5th Annual Power of 8 MTB in Support of MitoCanada

Sept 12 Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Event Website Facebook @powerof8mtb @powerof8mtb

5th Annual Power of 8 MTB

The year 2020 has affected many races/events by Covid-19, this also applies to charity organizations - MitoCanada is no exception. If you are unable to participate, there will be an option to donate to MitoCanada when you click on the Registration link with three options:

1. Charity itself

2. Solo rider, or a

3. Team

The Course is designed by our favorite, except for on event day, course designer, Matt Froehlich from the Moose Jaw Pavers.

We will have teams/solo option, as well as the 4 and 8 hour option.

Physically Distance rules:

1. Bring your own Hand Sanitizer

2. As our typical "feed zone" is not available this year, you will have to bring most, if not all, of your food/drink.

3. We will provide you with some individually wrapped goodies - a Volunteer will hand them to you.

4. Volunteers/Coordinators will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.

5. There will be areas outlined for you or your team to put your gear and set up station.

6. DO NOT go to other areas and socialize with participants. If this is noticed, we will have to DQ you. We need everyone to stay safe.

7. Keep track of who is on your team or whom you socialize with (even if you have to talk to the EMS)

8. Washrooms will be manned by volunteers to ensure they are wiped down after each use.

9. There will not be an awards ceremony - awards will be mailed or delivered after

10. Justin Labrash will play afterwards - there will be a 10 foot perimeter around him. There will be no photos, hand shakes or high fives with him.

11. There will be no post event food - this year.

12. There will be wave starts beginning at 9 a.m of the first 25 riders or less, with 30 seconds in between - ensure you seed yourself accordingly.

13. Please bring your own tools for fixing your bike. Western Cycle will be onsite to provide support. There will be a drop zone for yourblike, then Western will take it from there.

Schedule for the day:

7 am- Race Plate pick up

8:30am - Race Briefing; course overview

9 am - first wave of 25 riders; then every 30 seconds for next waves

1 pm - 4 hour soloists are finished

1:30 pm. - Justin Labrash plays his 1st set of 45 min

4 pm. - Justin Labrash plays his 2nd set of 45 min

5 pm - 8 hour soloists/teams are finished

Better get training and expect the Unexpected - it is going to be a GOODER!!

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