2021 Lappe SKI-ATHON and Fundraiser

March 21 Lappe Ski Centre Event Website

We can’t host our usual NTDC/Lappe 24 Hour SkiLay this year,

but we can encourage you to come out and challenge yourself. 

How far can you ski in 6 hours? Can you engage the community to support you?

What: Ski as many kilometres as you can in a 6 consecutive hour period!

How: Collect per kilometre pledges from the community!

When: Sunday, March 21, 2021!

Where: At Lappe of course!

Entry Fee: $10 per person! Register below.

Covid Friendly: There will be no volunteers on site, you come when you can over a 15-hour period, but you must ski within a single 6 consecutive hour block, and self-record your results (we trust you!)

CLARIFICATION: This is not the same event as the traditional 24 hour relay. It is NOT a relay. EACH athlete is registered to ski for a maximum of 6 consecutive hours. EACH athlete is challenged to ski as many kilometers as they can in 6 hours. To encourage participation, EACH athlete can join with 3 other athletes to see how many total kilometers the 4 of them can ski (effectively how many kilometers can 4 athletes ski in 24 hours?). The athletes can ski together for the 6 hour period, or on their own, anytime from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Ski Solo and/or on a Team


Awesome Prizes Thanks To:

Such a Nice Day Adventures

Outdoor Skills and Thrills

Lappe Artisans

Fresh Air Experience

XC Timo Sport




pledge forms, maps and registration