6th Annual Power of 8 MTB in Support of MitoCanada

Sept 11 Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Event Website Facebook @powerof8mtb @powerof8mtb

The 6th Annual Power of 8 MTB in Support of MitoCanada is on September 11, 2021!

Registration is now OPEN!!

If you are unable to participate, there will be 3 options available when you click on the Registration link: 

1. Charity itself

2. Solo rider, or a 

3. Team 

The Course, which is 8.3 km, is designed by our favourite, except for on race day, Matt Froehlich!!!

We will have teams/solo option, as well as the 4 and 8 hour option. 

NEW this year!!! We are having an E-Bike Option! The catch... if you are on a team.. you can't mix bike styles. Your team is either Regular or EBike. 

Physically Distance rules won't be in effect - however if you are feeling a bit uncomfortable in a group setting: 

1. Bring your own Hand Sanitizer

2. Bring a mask or buff

We may still be using areas outlined for you or your team to put your gear and set up station. Bring a 10 x 10 tent to help shade you - and it looks great from the top of the hill! :D

We will have burgers/smokies for you after the event or during - if you are hungry and forgot your food - but what time that will be at... no idea. :D

Moose Jaw EMS will be onsite - Thank you for your continued support and awesomeness!!

Timing - well we aren't having it. You all have strava and we will use the lap board again - that was pretty fun last year!


Washrooms are at the start/finish line. 

There will be an awards ceremony - 1-1:30 for 4 hours soloists and 5-5:30 for 8 hour/teams. 

Western Cycle & Velofix will be onsite to provide bike maintenance. 

We have the Bone Dogs this year for your entertainment. They will be doing 2 x 45 min sets. 

7 am- Race package pick up

8:30am - Race Briefing; course overview

9 am - start of race for all 

1 pm - 4 hour soloists are finished

1-1:30 4 hour awards

1:30 - 1st set by the Bone Dogs

4:30 - 2nd set by the Bone Dogs

5 pm - 8 hour soloists/teams are finished 

5 - 5:30 8 hour soloists/teams awards

Sounds like a pretty simple day!! :D

Better get training and expect the Unexpected - it is going to be a GOODER!!

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