Bogus Basin CRS 2022 DH MTB Series

Welcome to the 2022 Community Race Series! For the best deal, sign-up for the entire season and save on every race you enter. Plus, only register once and never be in line again. Downhill MTB registration will likely fill up, so sign up for the entire series to get your spots reserved - even if you are going to miss a race or two.

Online registration is open until 2pm on race days. On-site registrations are available, subject to availability, after 2pm and will incur a $10 late registration fee.

The Packet Pick-Up Party will be at the Bogus Basin downtown office on Monday, June 20 from 5:30-6:30pm. Swag bags will be handed out to series registrants. Stay tuned for more details!

Note: Swag bags are for complete series registrants only


  • Course open for inspection from 4-6pm. Courses will be announced 1 week before each race.
  • Riders should arrive 5 minutes before their category starts.
  • Pro Men and Women 6:20 pm-6:30 pm
  • Expert/Advanced Men and Women 6:30 pm-6:50 pm
  • Intermediate/Novice Men and Women 6:50 pm-7:10 pm
  • E-Bike Open 7:10
  • Chainless Open 7:15


  • Riders can only register for one race per night.
  • Racing is on 20-30 second intervals with multiple racers on course at once. Pick the appropriate Class level.
  • One run format. Riders must have a number plate and RFID chip from registration to be on the course.
  • Riders must make their allotted start time for each category and then the start order is self seeded.
  • All riders must yield to faster riders and step off course if being overtaken on their DH run. They must allow faster riders to pass and then they may continue.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Reruns are only allowed for stopping to help an injured rider or a course halt. Catching another rider is not grounds for a rerun. All requests for reruns must be immediately following the initial run.

Please email with questions.

July 28

Bogus Basin CRS 2022 DH MTB #6

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