Zone4 Version 5.5 - Repost of 5.4 with EI fix
Release Date: Jan 27, 2007

On Jan 25, Zone4 released version 5.4 which included all of the following bug fixes and feature requests.  On the 27th, it was reported that there was a problem with the way Zone4 has been listing the COM ports in the Electronic Interface which could cause Zone4 to crash completely in a number of screens (it only happened on some computers and randomly at that, so it was quite hard to track down).  Because the bug was actually in a Windows API Core Function, the error did not even use the Zone4 error handling or event logging which prevents such complete crashes and would have helped track down the error.  Zone4 has removed all references to this Windows function, and EI users will no longer see a drop down list of available COM ports to choose from.

Below are a list of the bug fixes included in 5.4 which was released just a few days ago. Version 5.5 includes all these same fixes so you only need to install version 5.5 to be completely up to date.

  • The "Include Adaptive or Time Factored Categories" feature now includes Racer level time factors as well as Category level factors.  This give organizers more flexibility to assign specific skiers percentage time factors instead of assigning them to an
    entire category.  This makes it easier to have Adaptive Skiers compete in Open class events and have the athletes ranked along with everyone else, without requiring specific Sub Categories for each different Adaptive Classification.  The only thing to keep
    in mind is that the final results will factor in BOTH any Category level as well as Racer level factors so don't go putting the factors in both places as that will compound the time factoring.  (This factor compounding could be used as an actual feature some day so Zone4 doesn't try to prevent such a setting.)
  • There was a bug found in Category Info that would keep resetting the order of Sub Categories in a Combined Category listing.  The bug was actually in the 2nd Category Info - Edit Category Info screen, so after setting up the proper ordering in the first screen, going to the second screen and clicking either OK or advancing through the list of categories would then erase the set ordering.  This bug was most annoying for the Online Registration system as it made it difficult for registrants to find their appropriate Sub category when they were all mixed up.
  • In 1. Set Options - Registration Options -> Optional Price Increase Date - if you had set a date but then decided to go back and turn that setting off, Zone4 would not save the fact you had reset the date and turned off the Raise Price feature.  This has been fixed.
  • In Racer Info - Racer Details - the Tab button did not work as intended and allow you to Tab down through the fields in the left hand Racer Data fields.  This made it very annoying to try and enter or edit details quickly.  This has been fixed.  As well the Add New Racer button did not work as intended and did not leave the intended fields allowing quick entry of family members of related Club athletes.  This has also been fixed.
  • There was a request that the Biathlon extra time Penalty feature become a more generic Time Adjustment feature that could accept both time Credits (penalties) as well as Debits (for range delays, etc.)   This has now been added.  These time adjustments are listed below each category with their Jury reasons. 
  • There was also a request that the Range Info for each category be available on the Startlist reports as well as the final results.  This has been added.
  • The Print menu -> Race Stats report did not report the correct numbers due to the online registration change that allowed people to register in different categories on different days.  If this happened in an event, the numbers reported in the Race Stats output would be wrong.  This has been corrected.
  • There was a bug in the Custom Reports PDF output whereby Yes/No boolean fields were displayed as TRUE/FALSE instead of as checkboxes as they showed up in the regular print output.  Fixed.
  • There was a bug in the way Zone4 handled Categories so that if you created a category name with either leading or trailing spaces, the Category Info - Edit Category Info page would throw errors about "Category Name already in Use".  There was no work-around for the error and but has been fixed in this release.
  • In interface to the Alge S4 was added upon request but is untested yet.


Product History
1.5.0Sprint Module AddedFeb 1, 2003
2.0.0Zone4 Version 2 for 2003-2004 BETASep 1, 2003
2.1.0Zone4 Ver 2.1 BETA UpdateOct 6, 2003
2.2.0Zone4 2.2 Final Release 2003-2004Nov 1, 2003
2.3.0Zone4 Version 2.3 - Update fixes for 2.2Nov 24, 2003
2.4.0Zone4 Version 2.4 - bug fixes for 2.3 and some new features.Dec 30, 2003
3.0.0Zone4 Version 3.0 for 2004/2005Nov 21, 2004
3.2.0Zone4 Version 3.2 - Bug fixes for 3.0Nov 29, 2004
3.3.0Zone4 Version 3.3 - Minor bug fixes for 3.2Feb 14, 2005
4.0.0Zone4 Version 4.0 for 2005/2006Nov 11, 2005
4.1.0Zone4 Version 4.1 - Bug fixes for 4.0Nov 23, 2005
4.2.0Zone4 Version 4.2 - Bug fixes for 4.1Dec 1, 2005
4.3.0Zone4 Version 4.3 - Bug fixes for 4.0Dec 9, 2005
5.0.0Zone4 Version 5.0 BETA for 2006/2007Oct 21, 2006
5.2.0Zone4 Version 5.2 - Minor Upgrades for 5.0Nov 23, 2006
5.3.0Zone4 Version 5.3 - Minor Fixes for 5.2Dec 8, 2006
5.4.0Zone4 Version 5.4 - Bug fixes and Feature RequestsJan 25, 2007
5.5.0Zone4 Version 5.5 - Repost of 5.4 with EI fixJan 27, 2007
5.6.0Zone4 Version 5.6 - Some EI/Networking fixsFeb 7, 2007
5.7.0Zone4 Version 5.7 - Pursuit UpgradesMar 12, 2007
6.0.0Zone4 Version 6.0 BETASep 26, 2007
6.1.0Zone4 Version 6.1 - Bug fixes for 6.0Nov 3, 2007
6.3.0Zone4 Version 6.3 - Race Ready for 2008Dec 19, 2007
7.1.0Zone4 Version 7.1 - Main release for 2008/2009Dec 11, 2008
7.8.0Zone4 Version 7.8 - Main release for 2009/2010Oct 19, 2009
8.1.1Zone4 Version 8.1 - Main release for 2010/2011Oct 9, 2010
8.8.6Zone4 Version 8.8.6 - Fix for 8.8.5Jan 19, 2015

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