Zone4 Version 5.6 - Some EI/Networking fixs
Release Date: Feb 7, 2007

A few bugs have been reported in the release of 5.5 and this upgrade fixes the following issues.

  • Zone4 has been in development of a new Electronic Timing Interface System that is being designed to replace the old EI system.  While this new system is being designed and built, it is being setup to run side by side with the old system to allow for earlier deployment and testing.     Unfortunately, when the Commit Setup command is executed, Zone4 would automatically pop up the Timer Setup screen, and in 5.5 is accidentally popped up the new unfinished EI instead of the old one.  The simple workaround is to just close the screen and click the main checklist button "8. Time Entry" which properly displays the old system for now.  This has been corrected in 5.6.
  • There was also an issue that has probably been present since the beginning of the year related to the new network communication system.  Starting in 5.0, Zone4 has introduced a more robust event logging and network communication system to allow for reduced network traffic and better reporting and tracking of what each computer on the network is doing with a file.  There were several minor issues found with the system that did not automatically advance the Checklist on networked computers and did not automatically update some of the race file settings.  This has been fixed.
  • Related to the above network issues, but something that has always been a limitation in Zone4, when you browsed to a network location and double clicked on a .rac file to open it in Zone4, Zone4 would open but it would not automatically load the file and instead just opened regularly. The only method of opening a network file was to use the File Open command in Zone4 and find the file that way.  This issue has been resolved in 5.6 so double clicking a networked file location will open it in Zone4.
Product History
1.5.0Sprint Module AddedFeb 1, 2003
2.0.0Zone4 Version 2 for 2003-2004 BETASep 1, 2003
2.1.0Zone4 Ver 2.1 BETA UpdateOct 6, 2003
2.2.0Zone4 2.2 Final Release 2003-2004Nov 1, 2003
2.3.0Zone4 Version 2.3 - Update fixes for 2.2Nov 24, 2003
2.4.0Zone4 Version 2.4 - bug fixes for 2.3 and some new features.Dec 30, 2003
3.0.0Zone4 Version 3.0 for 2004/2005Nov 21, 2004
3.2.0Zone4 Version 3.2 - Bug fixes for 3.0Nov 29, 2004
3.3.0Zone4 Version 3.3 - Minor bug fixes for 3.2Feb 14, 2005
4.0.0Zone4 Version 4.0 for 2005/2006Nov 11, 2005
4.1.0Zone4 Version 4.1 - Bug fixes for 4.0Nov 23, 2005
4.2.0Zone4 Version 4.2 - Bug fixes for 4.1Dec 1, 2005
4.3.0Zone4 Version 4.3 - Bug fixes for 4.0Dec 9, 2005
5.0.0Zone4 Version 5.0 BETA for 2006/2007Oct 21, 2006
5.2.0Zone4 Version 5.2 - Minor Upgrades for 5.0Nov 23, 2006
5.3.0Zone4 Version 5.3 - Minor Fixes for 5.2Dec 8, 2006
5.4.0Zone4 Version 5.4 - Bug fixes and Feature RequestsJan 25, 2007
5.5.0Zone4 Version 5.5 - Repost of 5.4 with EI fixJan 27, 2007
5.6.0Zone4 Version 5.6 - Some EI/Networking fixsFeb 7, 2007
5.7.0Zone4 Version 5.7 - Pursuit UpgradesMar 12, 2007
6.0.0Zone4 Version 6.0 BETASep 26, 2007
6.1.0Zone4 Version 6.1 - Bug fixes for 6.0Nov 3, 2007
6.3.0Zone4 Version 6.3 - Race Ready for 2008Dec 19, 2007
7.1.0Zone4 Version 7.1 - Main release for 2008/2009Dec 11, 2008
7.8.0Zone4 Version 7.8 - Main release for 2009/2010Oct 19, 2009
8.1.1Zone4 Version 8.1 - Main release for 2010/2011Oct 9, 2010
8.8.6Zone4 Version 8.8.6 - Fix for 8.8.5Jan 19, 2015

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