Zone4 Version 5.7 - Pursuit Upgrades
Release Date: Mar 12, 2007

5.7 is a non-critical minor update introducing a few new requested features.

  • The bulk of the upgrades in 5.7 where made to the Pursuit race format.  Firstly, some clubs wanted the ability to let people who DNF/DNS/DSQ in the first race to still compete in the second race.  Although this is not in the rules, Zone4 now offers the ability to automatically let these people race in the second half of the pursuit.  These people are assigned a Pursuit StartTime at the END of the category, or at the Time Cutoff should one be specified.  In terms of the final pursuit results, these people are assigned fake Race 1 times in order for them to be ranked with a Pursuit Total Time.  If no Cutoff is specified, then these people are given the race 1 time of the slowest Race 1 finisher in that category.  If a Cutoff is specified, they are assigned a race 1 time corresponding to the Cutoff differential.  Keep in mind that this scenario means someone who DNF/DNS/DSQ the first race will be a given a higher Race 1 Time than people below the Cutoff as even though all these people Start at the same Cutoff time, the people who actually raced in Race 1 will have their Pursuit total time calculated using their real Race 1 time, where as any DNF/DNF/DSQ will be calculated using the Cutoff time.
  • There has also been a new Pursuit format added to Zone4 called a Set-Time pursuit.  This format is a Category level setting in the main Pursuit race type.  This pursuit format starts racers in the order they finished the first race, but at a set time gap such as 5 sec intervals.  This format is particularly useful for club level pursuits where the time gaps may be so huge from the first day, that starting a 2nd race pursuit based on those time gaps would make for a rather boring race and no much fun.  This format disregards the Race 1 times for the pursuit results and instead, just factors in the Start time gaps.  So in this format, the first person across the line is still the winner, but you also get the added advantage of seeing both their race 2 time as well as Pursuit time.  This format is being used mostly in Biathlon races, but could also be useful in some Cross Country races as well.
  • There have been a number of problems with the Pre-Set Start Wand assignment in the Electronic Timing interface.  Although Zone4 has been working for months to develop a whole new EI system that scraps the Pre-Set Start Assignment altogether, in order to mitigate the most troublesome of the problems, the automatic DNS assignment features has been disabled.  The original idea was that if a time was not received in the 3-second window, the interface would skip that racer and assign them as DNS.  There have been intermittent problems with this though, and sometimes the interface would assign the entire field as DNS without any reason.  As the auto-DNS assignment has been turned off, this should no longer happen.  The only caveat of this is that these racers who are DNS will be listed on the results as DNF until you manually assign their status as otherwise.
  • A rudimentary interface to the AMB chip timing system has been added.  Please contact Zone4 if you are interested in using this feature.  Further AMB chip support will be incorporated into the new EI and specifically through an interface in the Summit System timers so documentation will be forthcoming when that work is finished.
Product History
1.5.0Sprint Module AddedFeb 1, 2003
2.0.0Zone4 Version 2 for 2003-2004 BETASep 1, 2003
2.1.0Zone4 Ver 2.1 BETA UpdateOct 6, 2003
2.2.0Zone4 2.2 Final Release 2003-2004Nov 1, 2003
2.3.0Zone4 Version 2.3 - Update fixes for 2.2Nov 24, 2003
2.4.0Zone4 Version 2.4 - bug fixes for 2.3 and some new features.Dec 30, 2003
3.0.0Zone4 Version 3.0 for 2004/2005Nov 21, 2004
3.2.0Zone4 Version 3.2 - Bug fixes for 3.0Nov 29, 2004
3.3.0Zone4 Version 3.3 - Minor bug fixes for 3.2Feb 14, 2005
4.0.0Zone4 Version 4.0 for 2005/2006Nov 11, 2005
4.1.0Zone4 Version 4.1 - Bug fixes for 4.0Nov 23, 2005
4.2.0Zone4 Version 4.2 - Bug fixes for 4.1Dec 1, 2005
4.3.0Zone4 Version 4.3 - Bug fixes for 4.0Dec 9, 2005
5.0.0Zone4 Version 5.0 BETA for 2006/2007Oct 21, 2006
5.2.0Zone4 Version 5.2 - Minor Upgrades for 5.0Nov 23, 2006
5.3.0Zone4 Version 5.3 - Minor Fixes for 5.2Dec 8, 2006
5.4.0Zone4 Version 5.4 - Bug fixes and Feature RequestsJan 25, 2007
5.5.0Zone4 Version 5.5 - Repost of 5.4 with EI fixJan 27, 2007
5.6.0Zone4 Version 5.6 - Some EI/Networking fixsFeb 7, 2007
5.7.0Zone4 Version 5.7 - Pursuit UpgradesMar 12, 2007
6.0.0Zone4 Version 6.0 BETASep 26, 2007
6.1.0Zone4 Version 6.1 - Bug fixes for 6.0Nov 3, 2007
6.3.0Zone4 Version 6.3 - Race Ready for 2008Dec 19, 2007
7.1.0Zone4 Version 7.1 - Main release for 2008/2009Dec 11, 2008
7.8.0Zone4 Version 7.8 - Main release for 2009/2010Oct 19, 2009
8.1.1Zone4 Version 8.1 - Main release for 2010/2011Oct 9, 2010
8.8.6Zone4 Version 8.8.6 - Fix for 8.8.5Jan 19, 2015

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