Zone4 Version 8.1 - Main release for 2010/2011
Release Date: Oct 9, 2010

Upgrade Notes - 8.1 - Oct 9, 2010

Version 8 sums up many of the cycling specific features that were introduced in Zone4 over the course of the summer as well as the final public introduction of the much anticipated Live Internet Results system which proved to be very popular at the Road and MTB Nationals this year as well as a number of Time-Limit format Enduro races where teams have been eager to check live results throughout the race. There were some interim releases for specific clubs during the summer as upgrades were added, but this 8.1 is the full main release for the 2010/2011 season.  For reference through, the notes below contain version numbers indicating when certain features were added.

7.9 - Expanded the number of laps that could be timed in a standard format race.  Due to the Olympic trials 50km composing of 10 laps of 5km, Zone4 had to expand the number of laps to 15.  The reasons there is a limit at all is due to the live timing feature and online results architecture.  This added lap limit was used for Road Nationals as well.  Of course, for Time Limit format races, you can time an unlimited number of laps, but the goal of that race format is quite different than a standard race with a set number of laps.

8.01 - "Run as Cycling Race" option added to Set Options which added Delta results column and formalized some of the cycling specific features in preparation for Road Nationals.

8.02 - Assign StartTimes now includes the ability to Order the racers by something other than the Bib field when assigning the start times.  This was required for cycling races where the Start Order for time trials is not linked to the riders plate/bib number.  In these cases, the order is often determined by some custom field which has been set by the organizer. 

8.03 - Added integration with the FinishLynx finish line camera system for mass start finishes. 

8.04 - Added cycling specific Lapped and Delta special format column for MTB Nationals.

8.05 Clean up Finish Lynx interface with better Start/Pause functionality for auto processing LIF files.

8.06 Updated Live Internet Results for Time Limit race format added for Red Bull Dusk Till Dawn race.

8.1 New "Calculate Results" screen with cyclocross Lapped system along with quick entry for DNF/DNS/DSQ status information.  As well new and easier handling of Combined Category results calculation process.


Product History
1.5.0Sprint Module AddedFeb 1, 2003
2.0.0Zone4 Version 2 for 2003-2004 BETASep 1, 2003
2.1.0Zone4 Ver 2.1 BETA UpdateOct 6, 2003
2.2.0Zone4 2.2 Final Release 2003-2004Nov 1, 2003
2.3.0Zone4 Version 2.3 - Update fixes for 2.2Nov 24, 2003
2.4.0Zone4 Version 2.4 - bug fixes for 2.3 and some new features.Dec 30, 2003
3.0.0Zone4 Version 3.0 for 2004/2005Nov 21, 2004
3.2.0Zone4 Version 3.2 - Bug fixes for 3.0Nov 29, 2004
3.3.0Zone4 Version 3.3 - Minor bug fixes for 3.2Feb 14, 2005
4.0.0Zone4 Version 4.0 for 2005/2006Nov 11, 2005
4.1.0Zone4 Version 4.1 - Bug fixes for 4.0Nov 23, 2005
4.2.0Zone4 Version 4.2 - Bug fixes for 4.1Dec 1, 2005
4.3.0Zone4 Version 4.3 - Bug fixes for 4.0Dec 9, 2005
5.0.0Zone4 Version 5.0 BETA for 2006/2007Oct 21, 2006
5.2.0Zone4 Version 5.2 - Minor Upgrades for 5.0Nov 23, 2006
5.3.0Zone4 Version 5.3 - Minor Fixes for 5.2Dec 8, 2006
5.4.0Zone4 Version 5.4 - Bug fixes and Feature RequestsJan 25, 2007
5.5.0Zone4 Version 5.5 - Repost of 5.4 with EI fixJan 27, 2007
5.6.0Zone4 Version 5.6 - Some EI/Networking fixsFeb 7, 2007
5.7.0Zone4 Version 5.7 - Pursuit UpgradesMar 12, 2007
6.0.0Zone4 Version 6.0 BETASep 26, 2007
6.1.0Zone4 Version 6.1 - Bug fixes for 6.0Nov 3, 2007
6.3.0Zone4 Version 6.3 - Race Ready for 2008Dec 19, 2007
7.1.0Zone4 Version 7.1 - Main release for 2008/2009Dec 11, 2008
7.8.0Zone4 Version 7.8 - Main release for 2009/2010Oct 19, 2009
8.1.1Zone4 Version 8.1 - Main release for 2010/2011Oct 9, 2010
8.8.6Zone4 Version 8.8.6 - Fix for 8.8.5Jan 19, 2015

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