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Confirmation List

First NameLast NameClubCategories & Costs
DavidCheungHighlands TrailblazersPee Wee Boys (2004-2007) 1.5km
BentziClaassenTeam HardwoodJunior Boys (1999-2000) 7.5km
MarissaDitoroSoo FinnishJunior Women (1997-1998) 7.5km
FinnDodgsonTeam HardwoodJunior Boys (1999-2000) 7.5km
GenevieveDubeauGeorgian Bay NordicMidget Girls (2003-2004) 3.5km
PeterEarlHighlands TrailblazersPee Wee Boys (2004-2007) 1.5km
AdrianGrocottHighlands TrailblazersPee Wee Boys (2004-2007) 1.5km
IsabellaHowdenTeam HardwoodSenior Men (1996 and earlier) 10km
JamesIsaacsSenior Men (1996 and earlier) 10km
PetrJaklArrowhead NordicMaster Men (1985 & earlier) 10km
AnnaJaklovaArrowhead NordicPee Wee Girls (2005-2007) 1.5km
ShanJonesKawartha NordicJunior Men (1997-1998) 10km
ReidKidnerTeam HardwoodMidget Boys (2002-2003) 3.5km
AlexLakeSoo FinnishSenior Men (1996 and earlier) 10km
MarkLawsonTeam HardwoodJuvenile Girls (2001-2002) 3.5km
DaveLomasSoo FinnishSenior Men (1996 and earlier) 10km
AlecMacLeanTeam HardwoodJunior Boys (1999-2000) 7.5km
adammarshallTeam HardwoodPee Wee Boys (2004-2007) 1.5km
RuariMilneHighlands TrailblazersJuvenile Girls (2001-2002) 3.5km
RobbieRaikouTeam HardwoodJuvenile Boys (2001) 5km
JessicaRoachTeam HardwoodJunior Women (1997-1998) 7.5km
LiamRyanTeam HardwoodPee Wee Boys (2004-2007) 1.5km
RayRyanTeam HardwoodSenior Men (1996 and earlier) 10km
JuliaShannonTeam HardwoodJuvenile Girls (2001-2002) 3.5km
ShawnShannonTeam HardwoodSenior Men (1996 and earlier) 10km
ShawnaSmallSoo FinnishJunior Women (1997-1998) 7.5km
YarrowSopinkaHighlands TrailblazersPee Wee Girls (2005-2007) 1.5km
RobertThomsonMono NordicPee Wee Girls (2005-2007) 1.5km
KathrynVanceTeam HardwoodJunior Girls (1999-2000) 5km
NatalyaWhitlaTeam HardwoodJunior Girls (1999-2000) 5km
CampbellWrightTeam HardwoodMidget Boys (2002-2003) 3.5km
Total Records: 31

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