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Registration Closes Jun 9, 21:00 MT Spots Remaining 6

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Welcome to the 2017 Medicine Hat Gran Fondo. We are excited to welcome more than 140 cyclists from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan. We even International participation, all the way from Pasco, USA. Please note the following: 1. Distance Changes If you wish to change the distance for which you have signed up, please do so by no later that Wednesday, June 8 at 5 pm. This can be done by e-mail to 2. Package Pick up All packages must be collected at Cyclepath, Suite 1-2010 Strachan Rd SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 0M9, between 7 and 9 pm on Friday June 9th. Due to construction making access to Gravity Sports difficult, there will only be one package pick up location this year. There will be emergency package pick up on Saturday morning between 7:00am and 7:30am for out of town riders at the start location, Glenview Church of the Nazarene, (Refer to route map for location, located directly East of Wal-Mart.) Please arrive early if you are making use of this option. Package pick up is compulsory. This is so that all cyclists can sign the waiver form and to collect an event number. All participants must attach the bike label to their bikes and display it at all times during the ride. 3. Timing Chips Go Chip timing devices will be handed out at the start line on the morning of the race. Please arrive early and line up at the booth to collect your timing chip. Please remember to return the timing chip as soon as you have crossed the finish line.

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