Canada Day Wardner To Cranbrook Run, Bike & Walk Event

Registration Closes Jun 30, 12:00 NOON PT

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we hope you and your family and friends will enjoy the Cranbrook to Wardner Trail now and in the future... this is a not for profit volunteer driven trail and series of events participation is at your own risk... The C2W Trail is 42.5 km long. See Trail map on this site for distances and detail. We recommend that you take on the portion of the Trail that suits your own abilities. For some, the Wardner to Cranbrook bike ride will take 3 hours for others 6. Rampart to Alliance Church on a bike may be .75 to 2 hours. This is not a competition. Please know that there will be congestion points. Let's make thus fun for all participants. Due to the nature of the trail and the events, by registering in advance we seek to provide priority access to registrants. The limits are 300 for the events and 150 for the shuttles. Whether you select all or just 1, the fee is only $15 per person and $30 for immediate family. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email prior to the event(s). Please print this and bring this with you to the event(s).

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