Georgian Nordic Team Sprints 2023

Georgian Team Sprints 2023

Saturday March 25th, 2023

Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre invites everyone to participate in the fast and fun Georgian Team Sprints 2023. This is a SOD Paraffin Race Series event.

This event is meant to be a fun introductory experience to cross-country skiing relays for skiers of all ages and abilities.

March 18 Update: Trails are still in good conditions following the Saint-Patrick's day rain. We are cautiously optimistic to have good ski course in the stadium area on March 25. Register NOW!


- Races will be relays with 2 athletes who alternately ski 3 legs each.

- Races will be in the free technique . U8 and U10 categories will ski in the classic technique.

- Start groups for all races will be determined once registration closes, and may involve collapsing genders or ages. Start position within a group will be determined by random draw.

- Open, and Masters categories will ski a 1000 m course.

- U18 and U16 categories will ski a 600 m course.

- U14 and U12 categories will ski a 300 m course.

- U10 and U8 categories will ski a 250 m course in the classic technique.

Note: Course distances may change depending on available snow and conditions.

Covid 19 Considerations:

- BEFORE driving to Georgian Nordic, please go through the Covid Screening questions . If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please DO NOT attend the Georgian Nordic Team Sprints 2023.


- Teams will be composed of two athletes of the same gender and in the same age category.

- Please try to indicate the name of your partner (team mate) and team name on your zone4 registration. Organizers will gladly match skiers who do not have a partner (team mate).

- Athletes from different clubs can make a team.


Thursday March 2nd, 2023               12:00 AM       Registration Opens

Thursday March 23rd, 2023               9:00 PM          Registration Deadline

Saturday March 25th, 2023                 11:00 AM       Start of competition.


All entries must be received by 9:00 pm, Thursday March 23rd, 2023, with payment.


Georgian Nordic Team Sprints 2023 is a part of the SOD Paraffin Race Series. In order to increase accessibility of the sport, focus on athlete development, and reduce costs, only the use of non-fluoro (NF) liquid, gel, buffer waxes and paraffin glide waxes will be permitted. Hardeners and non-fluoro powders are also not permitted . These restrictions apply to all categories, but do not apply to grip waxes.

Thank you everyone.

Registration open until Mar 24, 2023
Registration is Closed