Prince George Iceman 2023

START : All skiers at Caledonia Nordic Ski Centre - Otway Road - 10 am.

FINISH : Prince George Aquatic Centre.

SKI : 8 km (2 x 4 km laps) freestyle on a moderate, maintained course.

Boot shuttle is available for SOLO participants using Nordic blades on the skate.

RUN 1 : 10 km on an undulating course from the ski facility to the outdoor ice oval.

SKATE : Approximately 5 km (12 laps) skate outdoors at the outdoor oval.

If the weather causes the outdoor oval to melt, there will be no skate and no refunds will be given.

Helmets are MANDATORY for the skate. Any sort of helmet is fine (i.e., hockey helmet, bike helmet, etc.). If you do not wear a helmet you will be DISQUALIFIED.

RUN 2 : 5 km flat course through Pinewood subdivision to the Aquatic Centre.

SWIM : 800m at the Prince George Aquatic Centre. Pool opens at 8:00am for body marking.

NO DIVING - Feet first entry. All swimmers enter pool at the same corner, swim 50m lengths, and duck under the lane rope EVERY length. At the end of the last lane, swimmers get out, return to the start, and repeat the lanes.

Please DO NOT wear any elastics or bracelets on your wrists as it confuses the swim volunteers.

Swimmers must touch wall at the end of each pool length EXCEPT when exiting the pool. When exiting the pool (either to finish the race or start the next set of lengths), swimmers DO NOT need to touch the wall, simply exit via the ladder.

JUNIOR CATEGORY: All participants must be 10 – 15 years of age: 4 km ski, 2 runners 10 km, 3 km skate (7 laps), 5 km run, 400 m swim.

SHUTTLE BUS : Available between ski area and pool. 8:20 am to 12:15pm, every 20 minutes.

AID STATIONS : Water and electrolyte drinks are available at each venue and twice on 10 km route. No private escort/aid vehicles are allowed on course.

TRANSITION ZONES : At each venue, and open to competitors only.

Solo participants - transition zone bags must be delivered to Pool and Skating area by 9 am on race day.

End of race gear pick-up provided for solo participants only – equipment will arrive at banquet.

**RACE PACKET PICKUP : Saturday, Feb. 11th, 2023 from 5 pm to 7 pm. COURTYARD by MARRIOTT in the FRASER ROOM - 900 Brunswick Street (directly across from the Civic Centre)**

POST RACE CEREMONY : Civic Centre - doors open 1:30 pm, hot meal served approximately 2:30 pm. No booster seats available.

CUT OFF TIMES : All participants must reach the Skate portion of the event by 1:30 pm, or the end of the course by 3:00 pm. Please recognize these times are necessary out of respect for our volunteers and to allow the banquet to begin on time.

AWARDS : Presented to the top three competitors in each category.

DOUBLE DIPPING”: While participants are discouraged from competing on multiple teams we recognize that sometimes this becomes necessary. You are not allowed to complete the same section for two different teams/events (i.e., skiing for more than one team or as a soloist skiing for your solo race and skiing for a team simultaneously).

If a team participant wishes to “double dip" we encourage the participant to allow a one section break in between competing for two separate teams (i.e., skiing for one team and then skating for another, not skiing for one and then running 10km for another). Teams are entirely responsible for the transportation of their participants and thus if there are delays in getting a team member from one section to another, the organizers are not responsible. If a soloist wishes to “double dip? and compete for a team they are only able to do so once they have completed their solo race. Thus, soloists are likely only able to compete in the 5 km run or 800 m swim for a team.

Any participant “double dipping" is responsible to register and PAY for both registrations (i.e., two individual team registrations, or one solo and one team registration).

HEAD PHONES : Due to safety concerns we have encountered over the past few years participants are NOT PERMITTED to wear headphones during the event. If you wear head phones you will be DISQUALIFIED .

TRAIN TRACKS : REMEMBER, as always volunteers must be obeyed at the train tracks on Otway Rd. It is for your own safety that we ask runners to stop and wait. Don’t worry about your time - we account for this delay if it happens. If you do not listen to volunteers you will be DISQUALIFIED .

WEATHER : For the safety of our participants and our volunteers we will consider delaying or cancelling the event based on weather conditions ON THE MORNING OF THE EVENT . We will not comment on delays or cancellations prior to 8am on the day of the event, any attempts to request information on this issue before race day will be ignored. No refunds will be given, as our costs are all upfront.

The Prince George Iceman has a policy in place that if weather conditions are poor, we will consider delaying or cancelling the Iceman based on weather conditions ON THE MORNING OF THE EVENT . At 8am on the day of the event we will announce, if required on Facebook, and our website if we need to delay the start of the event by 1 hour to an 11am start. This is the maximum that we can delay the start due to traffic control and venue restrictions. If a delay occurs please pay close attention to the Facebook page and the website for updates. The banquet will go ahead regardless of the weather. Regardless of weather, it is ultimately up to each individual to decide if they feel safe to participate.

Registration open until Feb 06, 2023
Registration is Closed