Red Deer's Cross Country Ski Programs 2019-2020

Red Deer's Cross Country Ski Registration 2019-2020

Welcome to the Parkland Cross Country Ski Club!

Red Deer has a wonderful network of groomed trails and a vibrant ski community. Join us for mountain back-country fun or lessons, courses and events right here in Central Alberta.

We have seasonal programs for kids of all ages and mountain ski trips for skiers of all abilities.


Anyone enrolling in a program must be a member of the Parkland Cross Country Ski Club to ensure they are covered by insurance.

Only those actually skiing in a program or in Club events should be registered so that we do not pay to insure those who do not participate.

Our fee structure:

Fees are affected by the amount we pay per participant to Cross Country Alberta (CCA) and Nordiq Canada (formerly Cross Country Canada) to be eligible for insurance coverage and youth incentives. Those fees have increased from last year to be $20 per person regardless of age, plus $8 for children in Jack Rabbit and Track Attack programs.

In addition to program fees, charges a nominal registration fee and collects credit card fees for those choosing to pay by card. These costs will be added to the program fees charged when you check out. Cheques are also accepted.

Our pricing policies for the 2019-2020 season:

1) Keep prices as they have been for many years for adult members (with very little actually kept by the Club); and

2) Keep the cost for youth members 0-17 equal to that charged by the divisions - with nothing extra coming to the club.

Waiver and Freedom of Information and Privacy

Your personal information will only be shared with the Coaches, Club Executive, Tour Leaders and Cross Country Alberta (CCA) and Nordiq Canada (NC) on an as-needed basis.

All members must agree to the waiver in order to participate in mountain tours, youth programs and other Club activities.

Note: by agreeing to the waiver you are automatically extending the same protection to Parkland Cross Country Ski Club, its subsidiaries, agents and executives.

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