2023 Tube Change Clinic - March 26 - Ridley's Kensington


in partnership with

SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2023

9:00 - 10:00AM


223 10 ST. NW

A number of maintenance clinics are available for all Spin Sister members who want to learn the basics of bike maintenance or brush up on their skills. Once again we are partnering with our excellent sponsor Ridley's Cycle. Their experienced bike mechanics will teach participants the tricks, tools and best ways to practice bike maintenance and repairs.

These clinics are HIGHLY recommended for new members as every Spin Sister is responsible for themselves and their bikes on the trail. All Sisters need to be able to do their own basic bike fixes.

In the Tube Changes clinic you will learn the basics on how to change a tube in case you get a flat on the trail or are performing preventative maintenance and changing your tubes after knowing they’ve been used for a couple years.

In this clinic

  1. You’ll learn how to safely remove front or rear wheels
  2. Use tire levers to remove and reinstall tires
  3. Remove old tube & recycle
  4. Read and choose the right tube for your tire
  5. Choosing the right pump for your valve type (schraeder and presta)
  6. Reinstall new tube
  7. Inflate tube to proper pressure
  8. Reinstall wheel on your bike

Please bring one wheel that has a tube with you to the clinic. Your bike should have tubes in the tires (not tubeless) for this clinic.

Maximum Participants: 10

Cost: $20.00 (plus non-refundable zone 4 fee of $3.10). REGISTRATION INCLUDES A $20.00 IN STORE CREDIT AT RIDLEY'S.

NOTE: No Refunds


Registration open until Mar 25, 2023
Registration is Closed

Registration Fees

Option Price Remaining
Clinic Registration Fee 11