Quesnel CSTC Registration 2022-3

Welcome to the Cariboo Ski Touring Club Registration

General Information

Note that Membership Fees are separate from, and additional to, User Fees . The per-capita Membership fee will be selected on the next page. Note also that mandatory CCBC (Cross Country BC) and Nordiq Canada (formerly Cross Country Canada) fees are included in the local club membership fee for skiers (groomed trails AND back country) but not for snowshoers. This results in a reduced fee for snowshoers.

User Fees are categorized as Backcountry , All Options or Snowshoe . You can select "Club Supporter / Day Pass User" if you plan to ski only a few times and plan to purchase a day pass at the lodge each time. Backcountry is to be selected by members who wish to use the club cabins for overnight stays, whether accessed by snowshoe or by ski , but will not be using the groomed ski trails at Hallis Lake. The All Options category is an all-inclusive user fee for using the groomed trails at Hallis Lake, the snowshoe trails and the backcountry cabins managed by the club. There is no separate category for Trail Pass only, ie, no discount for not using snowshoe trails or backcountry facilities. The Snowshoe category provides access to the snowshoe trails at Hallis Lake, but NOT overnight stays at club backcountry cabins .

Programs are Bunnies, Jackrabbits, Track Attack, Yetis and Biathlon. Program participants must also have trail privileges selected under "All Options", either Family or Individual

This Following is for FAMILY options

Select the Family category below if you want "All Options" or "Backcountry" or "Snowshoe" for your family. The basic membership fee applying to each individual in the family will be added on the next page , according to the number of family members and whether the option involves registration with Cross Country BC and Cross Country Canada.

It is more economical for a couple to register as individuals than to register as Family for 'Snowshoe' or 'All Options'.

There is no advantage either way for a couple choosing 'Backcountry' as Family or as two individuals.

*** The NEXT page (Individual Fields) is for selecting activity options for INDIVIDUALS and for listing Family members. ***

Family User Options

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Registration Fees

Basic Individual Membership
 ↳ Under age 5 as of 31 Dec.
 ↳ Skier Membership $20.00
 ↳ Snowshoer Membership $10.00
Individual Activity Options
 ↳ Club Supporter / Day Pass user
 ↳ Family (Selected on previous page)
 ↳ Adult - Back Country $60.00
 ↳ Junior or Student - Backcountry $35.00
 ↳ Adult All Options $115.00
 ↳ Junior All Options $45.00
 ↳ College Student All Options $60.00
 ↳ Adult Snowshoe $25.00
 ↳ Under 18 Snowshoe $15.00
Skill Dvlpmt Program (SDP)
 ↳ Bunny Rabbit - Saturday $35.00
 ↳ Saturday Jackrabbit $50.00
 ↳ Monday Jackrabbit $50.00
 ↳ Sat & Mon Jackrabbit $65.00
 ↳ Track Attack - Saturday $50.00
 ↳ Track Attack - Monday $50.00
 ↳ Track Attack - Sat & Mon $65.00
 ↳ Yetis - Saturday $50.00
 ↳ Yetis - Monday $50.00
 ↳ Yetis - Sat & Mon $65.00
 ↳ Race Team - Tues & Thurs $65.00
 ↳ Race Team - All Sessions $90.00
 ↳ Unlabeled Option