2018 Kelowna Apple Loppet

32nd Annual Kelowna Apple Loppet

S unday, January 14th, 2018

Mass Start by category at 10AM

  • 30km relay and individual skiathlon
  • Aid stations at 7.5km
  • Post-race lunch for all registered racers

Participants can ski our 30km Loppet as a two-person relay or as an individual.  The classic leg is 2 laps of the 7.5km Telemark trail, and the free technique leg is 1 lap of 15km of the Fern Creek trail.

In the relay the first person skis 15km classic technique, tagging off to a second person who skis 15km free technique. In the individual skiathlon, the participant skis 15km classic, transitioning in the stadium to change equipment, then skiing 15km free technique.

All youth categories, ages 17 and under, plus the recreational category ski classic technique.

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