2021/2022 Biathlon BC Cup #1


The graphics and information-giving sections below are placeholders, for you to replace with comparable information.

The only fields within the template that are currently annotated as 'Mandatory' - meaning the registrant must provide some data, are the fields that are vital for importing data into BIAB. You may wish to change the status of a number of fields, especially contact and emergency fields, to also make them 'Mandatory.

However, the "Club" data field input is real, and comprises part of the data that BIAB will need if you want to import the Zone4 registration information into BIAB. The "Club" field has been placed in this, the 'Group Elements' section of the template, as a 'Group' field, so that whatever is entered into it will be applicable to all the individual registrations that made within the same registration session, which could be a family's registration, or one by a club or a division.

The other fields that will provide data within BIAB are in the 'Individual Elements' section of this template. BIAB expects the data that it imports to be in a specific order, and the fields within this template have been arranged to allow you to easily create a report that will arrange the data in that required order.

Wherever possible within this template I have used the predefined fields that are specifically created for that purpose by Zone4.

Note: You do not need to delete this particular section from your Registration Form since it has been coded to appear to you, as an Administrator, but it will not be displayed during the actual public on-line registration process.

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