Black Jack- Bunnies and Jack Rabbits Registration 2022/2023

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Black Jack Ski Club Bunnies and Jackrabbits Season!

Before registering, please read the “2022-2023 BJSC Bunnies and Jack Rabbits Overview” document at Bunnies and Jack Rabbits Information

All program participants must be members of Black Jack Ski Club, even the youngest Bunnies who still get a ‘free’ season pass. Please register for your club membership on the separate Zone 4 registration and ensure you use the exact same names so you don’t get charged twice for the CCBC and NC fees: Zone 4 Club Registration

Any questions before, during, or after registering, please contact the Program Coordinator, Karina, at or 250-921-4932.

Once your child is registered, you will start receiving emails from the Program Coordinator as season plans unfold. Please ensure is in your contacts and not going to your spam.

Registration open until Mar 01, 2023
Registration is Closed

Registration Fees

Option Price
Select Requested Program
 ↳ 3 Year Old Bunnies $60.00
 ↳ Bunnies (YOB 2017 & 2018) $75.00
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 1 & 2 (YOB 2015 & 2016) $150.00
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 3 & 4 (YOB 2013 & 2014) $180.00