2022/2023 JackRabbit Registration

Welcome to the River Ridge Nordic Ski Club Jackrabbit Registration 2022/2023

All Jackrabbit program participants require a RRNSC Membership for 2022/2023 for insurance purposes:

  1. GO TO: riverridgenordic.com and sign up for club membership.
  2. REGISTER: your Jackrabbit as a Youth membership
  3. MEMBERSHIP COST: Youth Membership - $25.00 plus $3.10 processing fee (the $25.00 is made up of a $10.00 membership plus $15.00 for Nordiq Canada and Cross Country Saskatchewan insurance)
  4. OR: Register your Jackrabbit as part of your Family Membership processing fees.
  5. PROGRAM COST: The cost for your Jackrabbit Registration is the same $25.00 no matter the level of membership.

Program Information:

Thursdays and/or Sundays program times. Program starts first week of January.

Jackrabbits is a learn-to-cross-country ski program for youth ages 6-13. The focus for all groups is learning fundamental skills, having fun, and enjoying the outdoors.

When: Thursdays from 6:40-7:30 or Sundays Varying lesson times from 1-4:15 (starting the first week of January)

Where : River Ridge Trails

Duration : 8 lessons

Bunnyrabbits is a learn-to-cross-country ski program for youth ages 3-5. The focus for these skiers is learning movement skills, having fun, and enjoying the outdoors.

When: Sundays Varying lesson times from 1-4:15

Where : River Ridge Trails

Duration : 8 lessons

2022/2023 Lesson Dates:

Thursdays starting Jan 5 2023

Sundays starting Jan 8 2023

*Registration on Zone 4 is according to skill level. Read the descriptions below to help you decide on the most appropriate skill level for your child.

*If the skill level for your child is full, you can email riverridgenordic@gmail.com to put them on a waiting list.


  • for beginner skiers (typically about 4 or 5 years of age)
  • child needs parent help to put on skis
  • when child falls he/she needs help getting up
  • child requires a parent chaperone
  • starting without poles, ready position, rising and falling, side-stepping, and free glide will be taught using skill-based games,
  • Children will learn the importance of balance, weight transfer, and gliding

Jackrabbit Level 1

  • for beginner skiers (typically 6-7 years of age or older)
  • child needs minimal assistance putting on skis
  • when child falls he /she should be able get up with minimal assistance
  • parent chaperone encouraged
  • New Skills: falling and rising, side-stepping, star turn, diagonal stride with poles, herringbone, free glide, and snow plow braking
  • ski distance in typical session: 1km

Jackrabbit Level 2 & 3

  • not for beginner skiers (typically ages 8-13 with experience)
  • child needs no assistance putting on skis
  • child can fall and rise on a flat surface with no assistance
  • child should be able to do basic snow plow, herringbone and diagonal stride
  • New Skills: snow plow stop, double poling
  • ski distance in typical session: 1-2km

Parental Time & Financial Contributions

There are no additional costs or fundraising activities required beyond the nominal cost of the lesson and club membership. NO casino nights, NO bake sales, NO bottle drives and NO sales campaigns.

We ask that you take a turn assisting in your skiers class session once or twice at the Jackrabbits Levels 1 and 2 .

We also ask that you consider getting involved in our club and help with activities ranging from coaching, volunteering, social media, grooming, or maybe taking your own ski lessons!

We also strongly suggest that you get out and ski with your child as often as possible outside of lessons. Enjoy the Saskatchewan outdoors and time well spent as a family!

Registration open until Jan 31, 2023
Registration is Closed

Registration Fees

Option Price Remaining
Jackrabbit Programs
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 1 Thursday $40.00 25
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 2 Thursday $40.00 25
 ↳ Bunnyrabbits Sunday $30.00 24
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 1 Sunday $40.00 25
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 2 Sunday $40.00 23
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level 1 -2x/ week (Thu/Sun) $65.00 25
 ↳ Jackrabbits Level -2x/ week (Thu/Sun) $65.00 25