Menihek 2023 48th Annual Great Labrador Loppet

Welcome to the

48th Great Labrador Loppet


MARCH 25TH, 2023


The term Loppet is derived from Norwegian culture: "A large and long ski event, a journey, challenging and fun".

A New Brunswick Cross-Country newsletter had the following definition of LOPPET:

"a gathering of

over-enthusiastic skiers who wish they could race but can't, so they begin in a

bunch at the starting line and go as fast as they want trying to beat no one

but themselves so they can have a big feed when they're finished, while they

sit around and compare ski waxes and other life changing information."

Menihek Nordic Ski Trails will be closed on Loppet Day, March 25, 2023, this is due to insurance risks and the fact that there will be no one here in case of an accident. Also, no grooming as all equipment will be assigned to grooming the Loppet trails.

Approximate Cost:

2.5 Km $10.00

5Km $10.00

10 Km $15.00

20 Km $25.00

30 Km $35.00

Registration open until Mar 24, 2023
Registration is Closed

Registration Fees

Option Price
Individual Entry Fee
 ↳ 2.5km, 5km ski $10.00
 ↳ 10km ski $15.00
 ↳ 10km snowshoe $15.00
 ↳ 5km snowshoe $10.00
 ↳ 2.5km snowshoe $10.00
 ↳ 20km ski $25.00
 ↳ 30km ski $35.00
50/50 Draw, April 02, 2023