Mayerthorpe X-Country Ski Lesson

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Jan 28 at 10:30 - 3:30 Mayerthorpe Arena Sports Grounds.

Dress warm, bring a lunch

We are excited to have Anne Bradley as our instructor for these lessons

The following is the lesson itinerary


Introduction- what to expect today,

Xc skiing benefits, types of equipment, classic vs. skate, picking out equipment


  • Athletic stance-ankles bent, knees bent slight lean forward.
  • Try bounding on ski boot-one leg at a time
  • Put skis on- make a star.
  • Jump up with skis on.


  • Diagonal stride-demonstrate(no poles)
  • Ski with emphasis on using one leg at a time.
  • Swinging arms to get momentum.
  • Trying to get the most glide out of your ski.
  • Drill with one ski


Lunch- discussion of clothing


  • Poles
  • Double poling


Warm up/break-fueling your skiing


Candy cane scavenger hunt/touring on skis

Flat area


Hill-going up and down


Wrap questions

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Lesson Fee 12
Ski Rental (optional) 15