Viking Ski-O 2023

Viking Ski-O Registration January 29, 2023Online registration is simple:Step 1: Review the competition rules.Step 2: Register each person and make them sign the electronic waiver. You can not participate if you have not signed the waiver. If you are skiing as a group, please make up a team name, and enter it for each person who goes with the team. I suggest a Viking theme of course! Step 3: Complete payment by credit card.
The event will take place on January 29th at the Viking Chalet located at 393 Chemin Jackson, Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0. There will be no registration on-site. Register online between January 12 and 24, and pick up your map and the control card at the Viking Clubhouse. If you are planning to use the Ondago App, please download it at home, and also download the Viking network map from it (the connection at the Clubhouse is sketchy at best). There is no equipment rental on-site, and a limited number of compasses and ski-orienteering map holders are available upon request. The start of the Ski-O will be near Skip’s Hut (across the road, about 300m down), and the finish will be at the Clubhouse.This year, we will use the classic control flags and mechanical punches. The format of the courses will also be different: one could call it Rogaine or Score-O. The map will be printed in 1:20000 (1 cm = 200 m) and the contour lines will be drawn at 5m between them. For those who know the trails very well, surprises await: for one day only, the trails will be bi-directional except for the segments specifically marked on your map, so for this day only, you can ignore the No Entry signs but keep right and watch for the oncoming traffic! Courses:·      Ski-O 2 hrs Score-O (Rogaine)·      Ski-O 4 hrs Score-O (Rogaine)The solo skiers or teams will choose between the 2-hr or 4-hr course, to collect as many controls as they can under the chosen time. The controls will be valued between 10 and 40 points depending on their difficulty, and distance from the Clubhouse. It is extremely important to come back on time: every minute after 2 or 4 hrs will cost you 10 points! In the days to come, try to self-time to learn your true speed on the different types of trails: well-groomed vs backcountry vs forest “shortcut”. The order of the day will be as follows:9:30-10:00         Arrival and confirmation of your presence10:00-10:15      Instructions10:15-10:45      Map distribution and planning of your course10:45                  Distribution of the control cards11:00                 Mass start at the pond near the Skip’s hut13:00                 Finish of the 2 hr course inside the Clubhouse15:00                 Finish of the 4 hr course inside the Clubhouse Hot chocolate and light snacks will be available in the kitchen upstairs.There will be no awards, but everybody will get an amazing participation souvenir after the finish. The results will be published within 2 days after the competition. Depending on how many participants we get, we’ll divide the results into families-masters-juniors and of course 2hrs and 4 hrs subdivisions. Your safety is your responsibility. Please dress warm, and have your watch, compass, whistle, snacks, beverages, and emergency pack. Check your equipment and charge your cell phone, and keep it warm (I tape a Hotshot to the back of mine). Registration fees:·      Adult (18 + ):       $22·      Child (17 -):        $12The registration fees cover also the day pass and parking.There will be no on-site registration! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.See you soon!Anna
Registration open until Jan 26, 2023
Registration is Closed

Registration Fees

Option Price Remaining
Frais / Fees
 ↳ Adulte / Adult (18 + ) $22.00
 ↳ Junior (17 - ) $12.00
Rental / Location (optional)
 ↳ Boussole / Compass $2.00
 ↳ Ski-O map holder $5.00 3