Don't Get Lost in the Woods |

Don't Get Lost in the Woods

Date: Sep 4, 2011
Category Listing
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta
Sponsor: Walk, Run & More 

Event Coordinators: WNSC Race Team 
Race Organizer: Cori Janes 
Course Director: Ken Alton 
Course Set-up: Davis, Bertozzi, Malmsten, Forbes & Hopkins et al. 
Timing Manager: Randy Hopkins 
Hospitality: Joanne & Emily Bardak 
Air Temp: Great for a runWeather: Cooperative

Race Categories
WALK 21 km @ 8 amStartList
FUN RUN 200 m @ 8:45StartList
RUN 21 km @ 9 amStartList
WALK 10 km @ 9 amStartList
RUN 10 km @ 10 amStartList
RUN 3 km @ 10 amStartList
SrH (10-12) Girl 21rResults
Masters Men 21krResults
ACAC Men 21krResults
ACAC Women 21krResults
SrH (10-12) Boy 21krResults
Open Men 21krResults
Open Women 21krResults
Masters Women 21krResults
Open Men 10krResults
Masters Women 10krResults
Open Women 10krResults
JrH (g7-9) Boy 10krResults
SrH (10-12) Boy 10krResults
Masters Men 10krResults
JrH (g7-9) Girl 10krResults
ACAC Women 10krResults
ACAC Men 10krResults
SrH (10-12) Girl 10kResults
Under 8y GirlsResults
Under 8y BoysResults
JrH (g7-9) Boy 21kwResults
SrH (10-12) Boy 21kwResults
JrH (g7-9) Girl 21kwResults
Masters Women 21kwResults
Masters Men 21kwResults
SrH (10-12) Girl 21wResults
Open Women 21kwResults
Open Men 21kwResults
SrH (10-12) Boy 10wResults
Open Women 10kwResults
Open Men 10kwResults
JrH (g7-9) Boy 10wResults
Masters Women 10kwResults
SrH (10-12) Girl 10wResults
Masters Men 10kwResults
JrH (g7-9) Girl 10wResults
JrH (g7-9) Boy 3kResults
SrH (g10-12) Boy 3kResults
SrH (g10-12) Girl 3kResults
JrH (g7-9) Girl 3kResults
Gr 3 - 6 GirlResults
Gr 3 - 6 BoyResults
All CategoriesResultsStartList

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