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24 Hours of Lappe & NDC

Date: Apr 6, 2013
Team Statistics
Location: Lappe Nordic
Host Club: Lappe Nordic & NDC Thunder Bay

Chief of Course:  
Obs. Time:
Temp range: -3 to +2Weather: 10cm freshsnow

Lappe Ladies Stats24h Open Team
RnkTeamLast LapAvg LapFastest LapLapsLast TimeKMSpeed
7Lappe Ladies 0:24:440:52:360:21:152723:40:24146.986.03
Lap Information
162Judy Hall0:21:150:21:15
262Judy Hall0:43:070:21:51
362Judy Hall1:04:490:21:42
462Judy Hall1:27:370:22:48
561Liz Inkila1:50:570:23:20
661Liz Inkila2:14:430:23:45
761Liz Inkila2:40:420:25:59
861Liz Inkila3:06:210:25:38
963Tuija Puiras3:38:470:32:25
1063Tuija Puiras4:13:230:34:36
1163Tuija Puiras4:46:400:33:16
1263Tuija Puiras5:18:030:31:22
1364Lynn Palmer6:02:370:44:34
1464Lynn Palmer6:28:520:26:14
1564Lynn Palmer6:56:070:27:15
1664Lynn Palmer7:26:190:30:11
1764Lynn Palmer7:53:530:27:34
1861Liz Inkila8:30:090:36:15
1961Liz Inkila9:00:090:30:00
2061Liz Inkila9:31:410:31:32
2163Tuija Puiras20:57:2811:25:46
2263Tuija Puiras21:30:400:33:12
2363Tuija Puiras22:03:430:33:03
2462Judy Hall22:27:240:23:41
2562Judy Hall22:50:390:23:14
2662Judy Hall23:15:400:25:01
2762Judy Hall23:40:240:24:44

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