The Great Labrador Canoe Race 2015 |

The Great Labrador Canoe Race 2015

Date: Aug 22, 2015
Location: Churchill River
Chair: Perry Trimper

Legal:  Derrick White 
Treasurer:  Jack Cooper 
Chief of Course:  John Learning-Randy Letto 
Safety:  Ground Search and Rescue 
Awards:  Robin  Cooper 
Timer:  Diane & John Houlahan 
Obs. Time:
Wind Vel: 31 kmh Wind Dir: West
Air Temp: 25 C
Weather: Partly cloudy

Classic Plus Overall 10 km.    
Bib Name Partner SubCategory Start Time
50 Graham Moorhouse Stephen Gregory Classic Plus 3:36:00.0
51 Marge Goudie Debbie Gaudie Classic Plus 3:37:00.0
52 Richelle Weeks Candace Mercer Classic Plus 3:38:00.0
53 Catherine Jong Michael Jong Classic Plus 3:39:00.0
55 Cyril Brennan Allison Brennan Classic Plus 3:40:00.0
56 Joseph Townley Rory Blake Classic Plus 3:41:00.0
57 Makkes Penashue Randy Malleck Classic Plus 3:42:00.0
58 Perry Bennett Allan Bock Classic Plus 3:43:00.0
59 John Osmond Bernie Crawford Classic Plus 3:44:00.0
60 Eric Skoglund David Barnes Classic Plus 3:45:00.0

Results are posted through an automated system by licenced clubs. For inquires about result corrections please contact the race organizer.

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