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37th Great Labrador Loppet

Date: Mar 31, 2012
Category Listing
Location: Labrador City
Host Club: Menihek Nordic Ski Club

Chairperson Vanessa Simon 
Technical Delegate Gerry Rideout 
Chief of Course: Alf Parsons 
Chief of Race Phil Power 
Coach: Rhonda Lawrence 
Timing/Results: Robert Kuhne / Rod Farrell 
Obs. Time: 10:00
Wind Vel: 10 kphWind Dir: se
Air Temp: -11Snow Temp: same
Weather: sunny-clearSnow Cond: hard packed

Race Categories
28k-Female Age <=12StartList
28k-Male Age <=12StartList
28k-Male Age 17-20StartList
28k RecStartList
50k-Male Age 17-20StartList
50k-Female Age 17-20StartList
50k-Female Age 21-30StartList
50k-Male Age 21-30StartList
50k-Female Age 31-40StartList
50k-Male Age 31-40StartList
50k-Female Age 61+StartList
10k-Child Age <=6ResultsStartList
10k-Female Age 7-9ResultsStartList
10k-Male Age 7-9ResultsStartList
10k-Female Age 10-12ResultsStartList
10k-Male Age 10-12ResultsStartList
10k-Rec Age 13-18ResultsStartList
10k-Rec Age 19+ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 13-16ResultsStartList
28k-Male Age 13-16ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 17-20ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 21-30ResultsStartList
28k-Male Age 21-30ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 31-40ResultsStartList
28k-Male Age 31-40ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 41-50ResultsStartList
28k-Male Age 41-50ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 51-60ResultsStartList
28k-Male Age 51-60ResultsStartList
28k-Female Age 61+ResultsStartList
28k-Male Age 61+ResultsStartList
50k-Male Age 41-50ResultsStartList
50k-Female Age41-50ResultsStartList
50k-Male Age 51-60ResultsStartList
50k-Female Age 51-60ResultsStartList
50k-Male Age 61+ResultsStartList
All CategoriesResultsStartList

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