Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet 2017 |

Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet 2017

Date: Jan 14, 2017
Category Listing
Location: Salmon Arm
Host Club: Larchhills Nordic Society

Technical Delegate: Dan Miller 
Chief of Competition: Louise Bruns 
Chief of Course: Steve Raffel 
Chief of Timing: Luke Heckrodt 
Chief of Race Val Heckrodt 
Chief of Controllers Michael Underhill 
Obs. Time: 10:00:00
Wind Vel:  NoneSnow Cond: New/Fine Grain
Air Temp: -11 CSnow Temp: -17 C
Weather: Sunny

Race Categories
A1) 4 & Under MaleResults
A1) 4 & Under FemaleResults
A2) 5-7 MaleResults
A2) 5-7 FemaleResults
A3) 8-10 MaleResults
A3) 8-10 FemaleResults
A4) 11-13 MaleResults
A4) 11-13 FemaleResults
B) 14-17 MaleResults
B) 14-17 FemaleResults
C) 18-29 MaleResults
C) 18-29 FemaleResults
D) 30-39 MaleResults
D) 30-39 FemaleResults
E) 40-49 MaleResults
E) 40-49 FemaleResults
F) 50-59 MaleResults
F) 50-59 FemaleResults
G) 60-69 MaleResults
G) 60-69 FemaleResults
H) 70+ MaleResults
J) 70-79 MaleResults
J) 70-79 FemaleResults
R10) any age MaleResults
R10) any age FemaleResults
R17) any age MaleResults
R17) any age FemaleResults
R30) any age MaleResults
R30) any age FemaleResults
All CategoriesResultsStartList

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